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How Just Paper Tubes Kept Operating During Covid19 to Serve the Demands of Our Customers

Now that lockdown has eased, we’ve had time to get a cup of Yorkshire Tea and reflect on the past few weeks.

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, the uncertain times have increased, and economy is more volatile now. Each day, the world is changing; social distancing is disrupting customers shopping experience, and for businesses there is no more business as usual. We’ve all become remote working experts, although there are various additional strains on delivering services to customers efficiently. Looking back on the past few months, we think we played our small, but important role as one of the UK's leading cardboard tube manufacturers.

Learning and adjusting on the go is the mantra that Just Paper Tubes was founded on, and operates to this day. We are never complacent, and we back this up with our 3 core values:

  • The customer matters most – you are the focus of everything we do. Our dedicated, friendly customer service team is on hand to provide you with exactly what you want, when you want it.

  • Quality and reliability – we believe in delivering the highest quality products, swiftly and efficiently, to meet our customers’ demands and support their business needs.

  • The competitive edge – the desire to be the best at what we do drives us. With our processes, procedures and pricing we can offer our customers premium products at competitive rates.

The current pandemic has disrupted countless lives, communities, and businesses across the world. It is hard for many companies to stay afloat in these hard time. At the same time, many other companies have come up with innovative ideas to limit disruptions to supply chains and markets.

The team at JPT Just Paper Tubes continue to serve its customers well even every day heightens up the uncertainties and challenges. Our customer facing teams have shown they can build new and strengthen existing relationships with customers through unfamiliar terrain.

Below are some summaries of how we’ve continued to support and grow our customers.

Types: high performance cores, film cores, textile cores, foil cores

We promised we would not stop serving because we know our clients depend on our product lines of cardboard tubes or paper cores and our timely delivery, whether that is in the label, tape, film, carpet or vinyl industries.

Just Paper Tubes supplies one of the world's largest manufacturers of medical fabrics, used in the production of face masks. During lockdown it was key that we did not decrease production, but actually ramp up the production of industrial cores for customers linked to the pandemic.

We hold vast stocks of plain and pre-printed master cores, along with the UK’s only purpose built cardboard tube conditioning room which ensure the industrial cores or film cores you receive are strong enough to do the job. Our customers haven’t had to worry if we are still open or about a timely delivery, we have your back!

You will be pleased to know that one of our customers are making the labels for the UK's Covid-19 testing kits, of which is now around 200,000 testing kits per day, without the labels, and therefore these label cores testing so many samples would be impossible. Turnaround time of hours, not days has enabled us supply millions of label cores to our customers.

Its not just the pharmaceutical & testing industries needs we’ve met with our label cores but also the food and beverage, and chemical industry, who are working tirelessly to put food on our tables, or hand sanitiser in our baskets, even through the pandemic's hardships.

We’ve provided by providing them dust-free quality, ready to use standard label cores. Actually, since the start of the Covid19 pandemic we’ve made 26.6 Million label cores.

We also took the step to reduce our lead times at first to healthcare & food but now, all our customers which has enabled our customers to enhance their productivity. Just leave it to us!

label cores
26.6 Million Label Cores during Covid-19

We wish we could go into more detail about this project, but we cannot …its top secret. However, we can tell you our products are used to help in the research and development of Covid-19 vaccine, a collaborative effort of Oxford University and British drugs company AstraZeneca. Who are working closely with Serum Institute of India and the UK government, to mention a few. We are want to take this time to thank the UK based scientist for progressing the vaccine so quickly and are hopefully that it passes through stage 3 trials.

If you need something that isn’t available on the shelf, our customer service team will spend the time to get to know your industry, take time to understand what you need our cardboard tubes or industrial cores to do for your business or organisation, without the hard sell.

Postal tube and mailing tube
Fragile Transit Packing Cores


If you are a regular reader of our blog, as you want to know the latest in the cardboard tube and paper core industry you’ll know we always like to try and beat our previous records. We do this to set ourselves challenges, to deliver the highest quality cardboard core possible, on time with friendly customer interaction, and we always keep our promises.

Contact us to know what we can do for you, there was a vibrant economy before the pandemic, so whether you are an existing customer, or a new one lets work together to grow your business, back up by our industry leading service.

We are still operating, manufacturing, and distributing packaging materials that might not be enlisted as essential items, but indeed, those film cores, carpet cores, or tape cores are "essential” for your business and we get that. The past few months have been a tale of two stories, some customers' business were shut down by the lockdown. Others were awoken and selling 4, 5, 10 times more than they ever had, all due to the drive for online sales. What is essential to you, is essential to us.


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