Celebrating 32 year long remarkable journey of JPT Enterprise 

– Completed construction and moved into the new warehouse which features automations and integrated systems to provide actionable business insights.

– Upgraded to the latest standards of ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

– In July 2018 the MP For Selby came to visit our new warehouse and celebrate our success.

– Founding Director John Mahan retires and sells his shares to Ken and his family.

– Started construction of new ‘finished goods’ warehouse, expanding from 300m2 to almost 1200m2 with climate control

– ACCREDITED with ISO 9001 & ISO14001

– Reduction in lead time by half, with implementing control of production and warehousing facilities

– Launched apprenticeship programme to make the workforce future ready

– Consolidated ownership and transferred all company assets were to the newly formed company called Just Paper Tubes LTD, wholly owned by the holding company JPT Group

– Invested in new IT infrastructure to enable digital readiness

– Implemented a new computer system for world leading traceability and production management

– Implemented ‘paperless’ system using barcode scanners and intelligent logic systems

– Increased focus on going green by replacing all oil heating systems on site with a new biomass plant to heat the factory, warehouses and offices

– Installed a 100KW solar power generator for electrical needs

– Partnered with Eberle, a machine manufacturer to access the latest technological advances

– Changed the legal entity from Just Paper Tubes to JPT Accuracore LLP to represent the accurate core technology

– Sailed through the 2008 recession that hit Western Europe without reduction in staff or cutting back on expansion plans

– Reduced the transport wagon fleet to focus on production of cardboard tubes

– Purchased another Brodbeck recutter to expand production

– Started producing millions of labels and tape cores a month

– Procured the German Brodbeck Recutter machine to boost production of label cores and tape cores

– Briefly diversified into ‘buy and sell’ packaging, but went back to ‘Just Paper Tubes’

– Started providing waste recycling and reprocessing solutions to customers

– Just Paper Tubes launched their first website

– Started offering ‘Value Added Services’ for clients

– Implemented innovative techniques such as CCTV cameras to enhance security and stock monitoring at customers premises.

– Expanded the production site from 750m2 to 2000m2

– Purchased 2 brand new lines to bolster production

– Purchased new transport wagons to support increase in production

– Expanded the workforce to support the growth project

– Started working with the first significant label customer called Labelling Dynamics

– Invested in its first automatic recutter machine by Brodbeck to enable higher efficiency

– Increased number of owned transport wagons to 3

– Expanded transportation operations by hiring external transport companies

– Built a 300m2 warehouse opposite the factory for storage of finished goods

– Acquired the premises in Cliffe (just outside Selby) with 750m2 floorspace

– Became a Limited Company under the name Just Paper Tubes Limited

– Expanded production by adding 2 production lines and 2 recut machines

– Onboarded the first major client

– Steven Piggott (now Sales Director) joined the team and the business continued expanding

– Started 24 hours production

– Just Paper Tubes business partnership commenced by Ken Coates & John Mahan on 1stNovember, 1987 in Thorne, South Yorkshire with one production line

– Started subcontracting for Rigid Paper

Registered in England

No: 09741925

ISO 9001 Registered  

ISO 14001 Registered  

Just Paper Tubes 

Railway Mill, Cliffe Common Selby,

North Yorkshire, YO8 6EF

United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1757630226

Fax: 01757 630227

Email: sales@jptcores.com

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