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Winding Cores for industrial use
cable reel centres
High performance tubes

Just Paper Tubes produced over 2 million Industrial Cores in 2023, making JPT the UK’s leading supplier in the industrial core market.

high crush strength tubes



19.4 mm to 254 mm INNER DIAMETER


1.5, 3, 5, 8, 10, & 15mm


8 mm to 2000 mm


19.4, 25.4, 38.5, 44.8, 76.6 and 153.5 mm

winding paper tubes













High-performance cores made out of recycled cardboards have a huge impact on industrial advancement. Paper cores, as experts ascertain, have made industrial production easy and convenient. Yes, so convenient that we often don’t even notice how steadily paper centre core is contributing to overall production system. Winding cardboard cores are used across industries ranging from textile, carpet & vinyl flooring, film, tape & label, wrapping paper to anything that requires to be rolled for production, storage, transportation or usage. Since used for industrial purposes, winding paper tubes are expected to be highly durable, reusable and absolutely dust-free. At JPT (Just Paper Tubes), we manufacture high-performance tubes made out for the best quality recycled cardboard papers to serve all your industrial purposes.


Quality of Raw Materials


JPT manufactures a wide range of industrial winding cores, varying in dimension and quality. Different industries prefer different quality paper cores depending on the products they manufacture and their use. Toilet tissue cores or flexible film cores, for example, do not have to be as durable as non-woven textile cores or cable reel centres. Considering that, JPT uses heavy-duty recycled cardboard during the production of high-performance tubes for specific industry clients. Our heavy-duty paper core can withstand extreme pressure which makes it more durable than any other identical core available in the market. These winding cores are reusable as well.

Major Applications

Among many, the following major applications of JPT paper cores are most popular in the market for industrial usage:

Flexible film cores: At JPT, we manufacture tailored film cores for all of your needs. If you want the film cores last longer than the standard film cores, we always have that option for you. Besides, you get improvements in length tolerances as the flexible film cores we manufacture are all blade cut.

Vinyl wrap cores & Carpet cores: One of the most popular applications of cardboard centre cores is used as carpet or vinyl flooring cores. JPT manufactures high-quality, durable and dust-free vinyl and carpet cores according to your specifications. Our recycled paper centre core keeps your product in great shape throughout its journey from the factory to the final destination.

Textile cores: JPT has been the leading textile cores manufacturer in the UK for over a couple of decades. Depending on the specifications our clients provide, we ensure top quality textile tubes with industry-minimum lead time. Over the years, we’ve served more than a hundred clients from the industry.

Toilet tissue cores: We manufacture high-quality toilet tissue cores on an industrial level. If you are planning to set up a factory or looking for a replacement of your present supplier, JPT is just the right place for you. We go for production as per your requirement and are always happy to handle any volume of order at the shortest time.


Production Capacity & Specifications


One major thing to consider for any industrial paper core manufacture is its production capacity. At JPT, we boast one of the highest available production capacity among all other paper core manufacturers in the UK. You just name the quantity and we can make it.


Our high-performance tubes range from 19.4mm upwards in inner diameter, 1.5mm to 20mm standard walls and 8mm to 8000mm in width (length). The numbers reflect our ability in paper core production and the range we cover with our industry-best technology.


Not every paper core supplier can claim to meet your industrial requirements. Prior to quality, the supplier has to meet the production capacity to go for a deal. At JPT, we have the quality, capacity, technology and expertise to get your industrial paper cores of any specification and quantity done within 24 hours. The clients that we’ve already served are going to vouch for us.

In 2018 we commissioned our massive purpose-built core-drying unit, unique in the UK, which enables us to provide higher quality cores whilst reducing lead times, for you, our Customer.

White, Brown, Printed liners and specialised solutions available.

All backed up by our 24 hours a day production and our ISO’s in Quality and Environmental.

Next day delivery or Same day collection.

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