We’re ISO 9001 certified.


This means we have a proven ability to consistently provide  products and services that meet the needs of our customers. Our supply chain Quality system is extremely advanced, making us an industry leader in our ability to process, dispatch, trace and deliver.

Our fully digitalised ordering system gives us the flexibility to make and complete your order within your specified timescales, however tight.


JPT’s database is fully responsive and intuitive, which means we can meet your exact requirements and deliver again and again.


Registered in England

No: 09741925

ISO 9001 Registered  

ISO 14001 Registered  

Just Paper Tubes 

Railway Mill, Cliffe Common Selby,

North Yorkshire, YO8 6EF

United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1757630226

Fax: 01757 630227

Email: sales@jptcores.com

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