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Label Cores

Thermal label tube
3" inch label cores
Label cores

Just Paper Tubes produced over 43 million Label & Tape  Cores in 2023, making JPT the UK’s leading supplier in the label core market.

Label tube



19.4 mm to 254 mm INNER DIAMETER


1.5, 3, 5, 8, 10 mm


8 mm to 2000 mm


19.4, 25.4, 38.5, 44.8, 76.6 and 153.5 mm











Label cores made by Just Paper Tubes – Reliable & Sustainable

JPT is renowned in the label industries as the supplier of preference when it comes down to excellent service and consistent quality with our label cores. We produce paper cores as per our customers' specifications without compromising on the quality. JPT's production is the only 24 hours a day operation in the UK. We have manufactured and supplied 53 million+ tape & label cores  last year to hundreds of happy customers.  We at Just Paper Tubes ltd manufacture label cores with the high precision and precise tolerances to produce the perfect core. We understand that our customer needs to meet rigid requirements which is why they put their trust in us, order after order. That is why we have invested significantly in our production and provide the highest quality label core on the UK market.

Quality & Sustainability of the cores
Our experience and understanding in providing top-notch label tubes for the label industries direct us to provide the best solutions for our customers. Quality, reliability, and consistency are the main factor for our products. Our label cores dust-free, made from 100% recycled paper and durable. We make each cardboard tube using high-grade raw materials from Forest Stewardship Council certified (FSC certified) paper mills. These materials are the highest environmental and quality standards available, all backed up by our 9001 & 14001 ISO certification. Label cores are blast-dried to guarantee radial durability, and this reduces the chances of expensive cores crush issues at the point of label winding or at your customer. It allows several clients to decrease wall thickness specifications and lower the cost, if you’d like to work with us on this just get in touch.

Benefits & Applications
JPT holds a huge stock of plain & pre-printed master cores, for immediate recutting to your required sizes. It provides you with the highest precision quality products in all of the standard label core diameters & wall thicknesses, in the shortest possible lead times. The labelling industry is our biggest customer group, so we put all our focus on getting your label cores right, every time. You can get the dust-free high-quality label cores in the following specifications:

  • Inner Diameter: 19.4 mm to 254 mm

  • Standard Walls: 1.5, 3, 5, 8, 10 mm

  • Width (Length): 8 mm to 750 mm

  • Daily Productions Capacity: Approximately 480,000 per day.

We also print the provided logo internally and externally as per your requirements. Our label cores are used for the wide variety of applications, like Handheld printers, Digital Labels, Flexi Printing, Food & Beverage, Beer & Spirits, Chemical and Cosmetics. Also, we provide winding tubes for Medical industry and Health & Safety. All are backed up by our 24 hours a day production and our ISO’s in Quality and Environmental. We have full traceability back to the raw materials that we used in the master label core production. After the fulfilment of the order, we provide the next day delivery or same day collection.

24 Hour Support - You can contact us 24 hours a day. 

We treat all customers, the same whether they are buying a box full or a truckload. We provide each product without compromising the quality and deliver on time, every time. So, if you use label cores, then feel free to contact us and we will work with you to move you over your business to JPT at no additional cost, but a better service.  You can request a quote through the website or live chat options. We will be quick to respond with clarification and hopefully a great deal.

In 2018 we commissioned our massive purpose-built core-drying unit, unique in the UK, which enables us to provide higher quality cores whilst reducing lead times, for you, our Customer.

White, Brown, Printed liners and specialised solutions available.

All backed up by our 24 hours a day production and our ISO’s in Quality and Environmental.

Next day delivery or Same day collection.

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