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Carpet tubes & Carpet Cores

carpet tubes in stillages
carpet cores palletised 4metres long
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Just Paper Tubes produced over quarter a million Carpet tubes, carpet cores & textile cores in 2023, making JPT the UK’s leading supplier in the carpet core and textile tube market. 

Carpet centres



19.4 mm to 254 mm INNER DIAMETER


1.5, 3, 5, 8, 10 mm


8 mm to 2000 mm


19.4, 25.4, 38.5, 44.8, 76.6 and 153.5 mm

vinyl core








Carpet Tubes & Vinyl Cores Made Out of Recycled Fiberboard

The products you produce or retail become better marketable because of packaging. If the product is carpet or vinyl flooring or both, we have the right kind of packaging aide for you. At Just Paper Tubes (JPT), we’ve been manufacturing carpet cores and vinyl cores from recycled fiberboard for over three decades. As recycled cardboard cores, our products help you to go for environmentally friendly packaging. We have a rich inventory of products varying both in thickness and length. Hence, depending on the kind of product you’re selling, we always have the right carpet tube or vinyl tube to offer.

Cardboard Cores for Retailing Solutions


At your retail store, you stock up a bunch of products of different brands and lengths. Carpets or vinyl flooring, if coreless, is hard to organise. Coreless or ineffective products are going to eat up a lot more space in comparison to products with cardboard cores. When you transport in or out of your coreless products, it's going to be hard to handle. Carpet tubes and vinyl cores ensure the stability of your carpets and vinyl flooring products. The products rolled around the carpet tube and vinyl tube, are more stable, easy to handle, transport and install. The roll would always keep its shape throughout the journey from storage to installation. You can see an array of different quality and aesthetic carpets and vinyl floorings at your local stores. If coreless, they will always look badly stacked up, potentially ruining very expensive carpets!


The carpet tubes we manufacture vary in thickness and length. Depending on the specification of your products, you would be able to pick the right-fit for you. Carpet or vinyl cores make product transportation easy. As a retail or online business owner, you have to transport your products from the warehouse to the store and from the store to customers’ place. This becomes more convenient when your products are rolled around cardboard cores.


Carpet and Vinyl Core for Manufacturing Solutions


Since products are packaged at the factory level, vinyl or carpet core is a must for manufacturers. The cores help your carpets or vinyl flooring come out of the factory in a tidy condition. A decently packaged product creates a positive impression on your customers (both B2B and B2C). After manufacturing, the products travel across different destinations. For convenience in transportation, thus, a carpet tube is a must.


We manufacture tailored carpet tubes and vinyl core. You can have your company name and logo printed on or inside the core. We also offer colour options for you to choose from.


Specification and Colour Options


We have a large stock holding of carpet tubes in stock, which you can call off immediately, along with our 24 hours operation we can turn around truckloads of carpet tubes every day.


With all the varieties, we ensure you the best bespoke carpet core and vinyl core options. If you’re in need of an environmentally friendly packaging solution, with fantastic customer service don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

In 2018 we commissioned our massive purpose-built core-drying unit, unique in the UK, which enables us to provide higher quality cores whilst reducing lead times, for you, our Customer.

White, Brown, Printed liners and specialised solutions available.

All backed up by our 24 hours a day production and our ISO’s in Quality and Environmental.

Next day delivery or Same day collection.

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