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JPT is Just Paper Tubes

JPT is Just Paper Tubes. We’re a leading cardboard cores, cardboard tube and paper tube manufacturer and here’s why:

We understand what you want and when you want it. That’s the reason JPT keeps a huge stock of master cardboard cores and cardboard tubes. We take your order,we manufacture to the size you require, we dispatch. Leave it to us.

JPT operates 24 hours a day, giving us a rapid, efficient turnaround.We don’t stop because we know our customers rely on our products and our ability to deliver them on time.

We run our own transport fleet so there’s no delay in getting our products straight out to our customers. JPT is based in Yorkshire, close to major road networks, giving us easy access to the whole of the UK.

JPT is all about quality as well as efficiency. We use advanced, dedicated production lines and we’re 

ISO 9001 certified for quality management.

Make JPT the core of your commerce: we’re at the cutting edge of cardboard tube production and supply.

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