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JPT's environmental initiatives are delivering better products.

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Why are companies investing in environmental initiatives?

The world is trying to provide a better future through environmental initiatives. This is seen most strongly by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), and where companies are taking action to help meet those targets. Here at JPT, we believe in those values and have taken steps in helping reach those goals. This has resulted in a reduction of our ecological footprint but also better products and prices to our customers.

What are JPT's environmental initiatives?

We believe in re-investing to improve our products, the environment, and benefit our customers. One of the ways we do this is through a high focus on technology and 100% recycled cardboard tubes and paper cores. As a result of those actions, we see improvements in our products' quality and environmental impact.

Over the years, we have introduced initiatives including, onsite solar energy that can generate enough power to run the entire facility. For days when we cannot produce solar energy due to weather conditions, all the electricity used comes from the grid at 0g CO2.

In addition, all heat generated at JPT comes from biomass carbon-neutral wood pallets, consequently eliminating fossil fuel on our premises. More importantly, we understand that the primary source of our products is paper. As a result, we have consciously acted to only used 100% recycled paper.

tape cores manufacturer runs off solar renewable
Solar Generation at JPT

Lastly, we understand the challenges plastic is playing in our fight for a greener future. For this reason, we reuse and recycle any products we happen to use and make new plastics material from them. You can find out more about our other environmental initiatives here.

We are motivated to continue contributing to a more environmentally friendly world through sustainable and growth initiatives. Our customers agree. Not only have our measures reduced our carbon footprint, but it has also enhanced the quality and cost-effectiveness of what clients are buying. Last year, the House of Parliament recognised JPT's measure and awarded Responsible Business Champion 2019.

carpet tubes manufacturer wins award
Responsible Business Champion 2019 - JPT

Environmental initiatives in the future.

Individuals and organisations are striving to create an equilibrium of economic and environmental growth. Our goal is to grow sustainably to serve our community and customers. Last year we made 58.2 million cardboard tubes, and based on current forecasting, we expect to hit 62 million. Going forward, we will continue delivering the highest level of service at competitive prices.

cardboard tubes and label cores
2020 Target: 62 Million Cardboard Tubes


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