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A Green Covid-19 Recovery?

At JPT, the UK's most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly cardboard tubes and paper core manfacturer we are already well on our way to a green future.

We asked one of employees to send up his drone up to take a photo of the solar generation power, 100KW to be exact! On a sunny Yorkshire day we can generate enough solar energy to run our entire site, and when we aren't using it ourselves we export this to the grid. We installed this over 5 years ago.

We removed all fossil fuels heat generation from the site, and all of our heat generation comes from biomass carbon neutral wood pellets.

When we built our massive new warehouse so we could store and dry millions of cardboard tubes, we insulated the building and took inspiration from Scandinavian district heating systems so that we could use our existing biomass system most effectively.

This year we bale all of our own plastic waste and ensure it is recycled into new plastic products. We recognise that plastic still has a place when it comes to food packaging, and our customers are some of the market leaders in biodegradable films and 100% recycled plastic products.

We are on target for 99% of our waste being diverted from landfill.

We've had an electric fleet of Forklift trucks for many years, but last year we took initiative to replace all company cars to be electric only. Our company trucks and vans are EURO 6, the highest levels of emissions standards. We appreciate clean air both in our factories and so do our local community.

We only use 100% recycled paper as our raw materials.

We've always been industry leading when it comes to reducing greenhouse gases, and we promise to never stop. We back this up by our independently audited ISO 14001 (Environmental) accreditation.

We support the call for government to use the Covid-19 recovery to incentivise the new green economy which we are proud to lead in the cardboard tube industry. To other members of our industry, including competitors, We all need to take responsibility and act like owners in this climate emergency. We are more than willing to share our best practises - just get in touch.


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