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Young Enterprise and Just Paper Tubes working together to Help Young People Developing Skills

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”- Mother Teresa

Starting with this quote from Mother Teresa, we know that today a large percentage of young people failed to develop skills for their future. There are many reasons for it- lack of education, job opportunities etc. Employers are unable to find suitable candidates with right skills. This is not just affecting today’s young people lives, but also, they are losing hopes to create a good future. Undoubtedly, this is a serious concern for our community but also our organisation.

Considering this concern, Young Enterprise work with many young people to develop their skills and get employment opportunities in their desired sector.

They do it by delivering financial as well as enterprise programmes in schools, colleges and universities. From resume writing, preparing them for the interview to telling them how to manage their money or run a business on their own, the team at Young Enterprise thrives them with hands-on practical learning.

Their programmes offer practical ways for young people to enter the world of business. With the access to the skills base of 7,000 volunteers from various industries, every programme is support with a great zeal.

Programmes offered

1. Primary programmes- In this programme, Young Enterprise offers Fiver challenge for 5-11 years old children. It FREE challenges from National Enterprise offers a fun way for children to learn about finance, budget and money importance.

2. Secondary programmes- Under this program, Young Enterprise offer workshops to inspire students to choose their desired career options. It involves three programmes as well. These are company programme, team programme, and tenner challenge.

Company programme is designed to enable participants about setting up and running a student company. This allows students to make all the decisions about their company starting from the name, creating a business plan to manage the finance of the enterprise etc.

1. College programmes- In this program, Young Enterprise offers Further education with attitudes, skills and entrepreneurial experience to help them to build a successful career, achieve success in the business and improve enterprise as well as key personal skills for the future growth.

2. University programmes- This program is designed for University level students, helping them to set-up and run a social enterprise or a real business. Also known as a Start-Up programme, this is the definitive curriculum enrichment program that supports a wide assortment of courses ranging from Sports Science to Management or business studies.

Just Paper Tubes- A key Supporter

Just Paper Tubes, a leading cardboard tubes and cores manufacturer is a key supporter of Young Enterprise. They have been supporting young people through this charity organization in East Yorkshire and North Humber area. How?

1. By sponsoring 5 different awards including the best company and Best presentation in the East Yorkshire and North Humber area.

2. One of the Just Paper Tubes directors – Harry Coates has volunteered his time to be a board member of Young Enterprise North Humber Regional Board. He provides a hands-on guidance on how as a charity, Young Enterprise can improve the opportunities to the young children in our region.

3. Mr Coates is also a business mentor at a school that competed in the company competition as well as a helping deliver day programmes in the Yorkshire region. He volunteered supported this school spending one hour every week. Many of our staff call Goole their home, so he volunteered at Goole Academy, so it was key to give back in the area which we can have the most impact and give school children the opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship and the opportunity to run their own business.

Why does JPT do this?

Supporting local community is a great idea and one of the best ways to do this is by engaging business with the educational system. Some of the employees joined the organization at the age of 18, soon after their school. So, the main motive here is to demonstrate the local job opportunities to the students and helping them to develop a flourishing career with a leading name like Just Paper Tubes LTD.


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