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Why should you pick JPT as your core supplier?

Firstly, we take the time to understand your needs, or listen to the problem you want help solving.

We believe in delivering quality! Quality comes only by listening closely to customer requirements. Whenever we get an inquiry the first step we follow is to do a detailed specification with the client. We listen to how they will use the cardboard tubes, we take some additional pieces of information such as how the tubes will be stored on the customer’s premises? What are the shelf life and consumable life of the product with which the paper tube will be used? Is the product going to be stored in one place or is it going to travel a lot? How much transportation is associated with the product? What kind of handling of the product is done? What is going to be the damage cost for the product? Are our paper tubes going to be reused or recycled?

Working with several more such questions, we are able to provide a detailed quote and specific a product that will be suitable for the requirements.

We’ve gained a lot of experience in our customers’ ways of working.

We are always willing to come and visit your site, JPT has developed a great command on technical aspects of both materials and machines. We have always been keen on quality deliverables resulting in maximum customer satisfaction. So, we are always looking at the way to innovate and working alongside our customers, big and small to facilitate your new product development.

We’ve spent a lot of time researching the most suitable raw materials for our tube production so that our products are always fit for purpose.

In a lot of cases, we have also experimented by using our machines under different capacities to get the desired outcome as per the client need and description. Unlike our competitors, we also put a lot of time and effort into the packaging requirements, so our tubes arrive just how you need them.

We don’t just deliver the product, we own it!

Visiting a customer site helps us in gaining their trust. By learning how our materials are used and the ways they are they handled help us in shaping our products to the highest quality and purpose. Our on-site assistance is quick and available within hours. We’ll work with you to provide a JPT solution to the packaging problem you might be facing.

We value our customers – no matter what the order size be!

At JPT, a customer is a customer, no matter what kind of order we are fulfilling. Whether you are a small business with just 2 or 3 people or an MNC with 1000+ employees, we value you equally. We will be as responsive and attentive to you as to our any other customer. We consider all our customers alike. We use all media to provide instant support to our customers. Email, live chat, call or social media, you can WhatsApp us anywhere and ask us anything, and in as less as 10 minutes your inquiry answered by someone from our team. We ensure that promises once made is kept!

We don’t deliver just paper tubes, we deliver paper tube solutions!

We are a customer-centric organization. Our company values drive us to serve our clients with more than just products. Over our 30 years history we’ve visited many potential customers who tell us how their packaging solutions keep on failing them, and at any such discussions, we look to providing our clients with a better packaging solution.

We understand the damage that can happen to your products by failing to package and understand the possibilities to improve the quality. Product damage hits your bottom line, but you can reduce this by using high-quality from JPT.

We don’t Sell products, we manufacture great solutions that lead to wonderful solutions.

Our sales team does not come with a product brochure and geared for hard sell, but act more like a colleague providing assistance and advice in choosing the right product.

Our focus is to manufacture every product as close as possible to the client’s need. We believe that the JPT quality speaks for itself and needs no convincing. Our focus and dedication to foster only the best lead us to a position where we need not sell by pushing a client or imposing our products unnecessarily. Our cardboard tubes are well crafted to take us to a position where clients themselves feel convinced to work with us decade after decade.

The performance target of all our sales staff is 100% customer satisfaction, not turnover growth, so there is no incentive for our sales team to sell our cardboard tubes into your site one day and then not provide high level service delivery after delivery.


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