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Why Just Paper Tubes (JPT) switch to quadruple storage capacity from 300m2 to 1200m2

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Let’s be honest- The aim of every company is to grow and flourish. We are no different, at Just Paper Tubes, we aim to grow and achieve new heights. Recently, JPT, the UK’s leading cardboard tube and paper core supplier have expanded our storage capacity due to the increase in our customers demand and we are happy that things are moving at the right direction.

Our new quadruple storage capacity is equipped with the latest technology drying facilities, which helps our products to be in good condition with the shortest lead times.

Other than this, if you are wondering why we have decided so, then let us summarise the logic behind our expansion.

Increase and improve our demand and supply planning

With the growing demand for our products, we need to increase the supply. When supply increases, we need space to keep our materials. This is one of the reasons we shifted our storage capacity from 300m2 to 1200m2.

This increase in storage capacity enables us to hold our stocks for our customers. The tube drying system incorporated can reduce our lead times and we able to hold more stock of raw material without worrying where to keep it.

Reduce product handling by optimizing our internal processes

As we have increased our storage capacity from 300m2 to 1200 m2, our product handling has been reduced to a large extent. Previously, we need to move our products to other warehouses that lead to damage to products. But now as we have one big warehouse, the damage from shifting pallets has almost come to an end. Now we can easily move cardboard tubes in an easy way, about our site about any damage. Our system can easily manage stocks as it flows around the site and it also reduces the movement of pallets where needed.

Improve stock visibility and traceability

Our decision to quadruple our storage capacity from 300m2 to 1200m2 allow us to organize our stocks properly. Now we can easily analyse which stock is available and which is out of order. The easy visibility of the stock, through high definition CCTV and our marshalling bays it enables us to locate and track every pallet and box of paper tubes when needed. Moreover, with our automatically controlled quarantine time and stock movement logic, all the orders receive sufficient drying and ready to be loaded onto the vehicle, ensuring timely delivery.

Spacious warehouse accommodating 60% more stocks

Previously, our warehouse space was limited, and we had to constrain our cardboard tube production lines so that we didn’t produce so much stock that we couldn’t store. But now, we don’t have to worry about it, as our spacious warehouse has enabled us increase site capacity by 40%, going through our paper core production lines. We can now unleash our production lines to the full capacity and supply bulk orders to our clients.

It minimizes business risks

All our cardboard tube products kept in the warehouse minimizes the risk of damage, theft, damage etc. We can also secure the raw material and products precisely. We have CCTV cameras installed in our premises to keep a check on the material entering and going out of the warehouse.

Price stabilisation

Compared to previous storage capacity, now our 1200 m2 storage can store goods when demand exceeds. We can maintain consistent stock levels at stable prices, making it easier for our business to forecast tubes production, profit, and loss.

Packaging and processing

Our storage capacity does a lot more than just accommodating the stock. With our team of cardboard tubes experts and fleet of vehicles, we can pick, pack and ship the products to our clients location, throughout the UK.

At Just Paper Tubes, we understand that enhancing productivity at lower cost is not a piece of cake. Our main aim was to expand our storage capacity, we are also proud to manage the procurement, storage, distribution and logistics will increase both workflow and productivity.


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