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Core Values: How JPT is Putting Customers in the Centre

For any company, small or large, that works to accomplish a particular goal, through a set of resources, both human, and machinery, having a set of core values is crucial. Many small companies--startups in particular--often can’t grasp the importance of having a set of written core values for their business. The moment they define these values and pass them to the employees, positive changes start showing up. At JPT, with our specific set of core values, we’ve managed to put customers on top of everything, ensuring each of their requirements for cardboard tubes is met in a timely manner. When we look back we realise that we have always been led by them.

What are core values:

Before going further, we should discuss what core values are and why they are important for a business. Every company has a mission and a vision. A vision reflects where a company wants its business to be in the future. This comprises the company’s aspirations and goals. The core values of a company are defined to support its vision, that help at shaping its culture. The core values are like the DNA of a company, reflecting its business philosophy and principles. These values structure how the company’s entities--including men and machine-are going to operate in achieving its vision.

How core values shape up the culture:

When the core values of a company are well defined and circulated among the staff members, each employee of the organisation, irrespective of the function in the business, works towards achieving a particular business goal with a specific mindset. With a collective identical mindset, a company manages to shape up its culture in a particular way. These values ensure how staff members of a company are going to interact among themselves, with the customers, vendors, or other stakeholders. If “ensure quality and reliability,” for example, is a core value of a business, and if all the staff members are aware of it, they will never compromise with the quality during production, and work their way out in ensuring customers’ reliability at any cost.

How core values ensure best service at JPT:

At JPT, we have three core values that keep our customers in the centre of our business. The first one reflects how customers matter the most to us. To ensure that, along with producing the highest quality cardboard cores and other paper tubes, our service team works day and night to address your requirements, exactly at the time you want them.

The second core value being “quality and reliability,” we put our best resources in producing paper cores, be them carpet tubes, vinyl cores, textile cores, flexible film cores, poster tubes, or transit packaging cores in the most reliable fashion. Our 24 hours operation makes our customers rely on us without a second thought.

Our third core value is “the competitive edge.” We aim to be the best eco-friendly cardboard tubes producer in the UK market. This value drives the whole of JPT team towards ensuring the highest quality and service collectively. Due to this well-defined core value, our team works at providing premium products with the most competitive pricing, making our customers benefit from each deal they do with us.

With customer-oriented and well-defined core values, we take pride in the high-quality service that we’ve been providing for decades. We believe, a set of core values has increased our efficiency and service level and helped us to stay focused. We utilise the latest technology to provide a better, more personal service to all our customers, irrespective of size. We, at JPT, love what we do and how we do it, which reflects in the results.


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