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At Just Paper Tubes, we manufacture and supply just cardboard cores and tubes. Going by our name and product offerings, we might come across as a boring company. But that would be far from the truth!

Being in this business for 30 exciting years, we’ve worked with all kinds of clients including some mind boggling ones who have often come to us with the wildest requirements. We’ve been fortunate to work with the most creative minds from different fields.

One such client that we recently worked with was Farrow & Ball, one of the top manufacturers of paints and wallpapers. They are best known for taking inspiration from historic colour palettes and archives and thus have created a niche for themselves, especially in the UK market.

They had some very interesting ideas for their pop-up showroom for the Paris Déco Off 2017 and wanted to create something new and exciting for the event. When they shared their idea and requirement with us, we were more than excited to work with them. We understood their requirement very well and knew that they would expect 2 primary things from us with respect to that project; quality and turnaround time.

They had a requirement for 500 tubes, each of which was supposed to be 2.3 meters long. These tubes were to be covered with wallpapers to create a wide varied palette of colors to be showcased. The tubes were required to meet certain quality standards in terms of stiffness and being dust free.

Since we often get large volume orders from numerous brands and products, we were prepared and were able to fulfill the requirement to the dot and to the clock.

What Farrow & Ball did next with those tubes was nothing short of fabulous. Check out the video below to be awestruck and inspired by their creativity.

Such creative endeavors by clients, artists and brands across the world inspire us to keep up the good work. They only strengthen our core values of making products that are eco-friendly, inexpensive and recyclable and easy to use and customize.


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