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Tube maker’s expansion bid

A CARDBOARD tube supplier has expanded its warehouse facilities as it launches a UK first for asphalt storage.

Just Paper Tubes (JPT) has launched its latest expansion phase with a new 300sq meter warehouse at its Selby head quarters, equipped the latest technology in drying facilities.

The 30-year-old business, which has grown to become a market leader in packaging manufacturing, supplying cardboard cores and tubes to customers across the UK, invited Selby MP Nigel Adams to officially open the expanded facilities.

As well as investing in the new technology, which will ensure the company retains its competitive edge for order turnaround times, JPT has also showcased its new special-purpose cardboard tube, designed especially for the asphalt industry.

The design, which allows asphalt to be poured into it in molten state, while the special coating on the inside of the cardboard core enables the core to be easily removed from the asphalt when it solidifies, is a UK first.

It was created just four days after JPT received the initial customer enquiry on a Thursday, with prototypes sent the following Monday.

Steve Piggott, sales director at JPT, which has produced more than 46 million cardboard tubes for more than 360 business customers in the carpet, textile, print, construction, label and tape industries, said: “Our commitment is to high quality cardboard tubes with a quick turnaround so that we can always meet our customers’ needs.

“Our high level of infrastructure and 24 hours operation means that we can turn our customers’ orders around within hours, not days.

“This means that they can meet their deadline, whether it be the building industry or food manufacturers and supermarkets.”

During his tour, Mr Adams saw how the company maintains a green approach in all areas of production. He was particularly impressed that JPT uses 100 per cent recycled paper for the raw material of all products.

Harry Coates, director at JPT, showed Mr Adams the progress being made using biomass and solar energy to reduce the firm’s carbon footprint, as well as the move to paperless operations for supply chain management.

Mr Adams said: “It has been fantastic to visit Just Paper Tube, who have been growing for the past 30 year with continuous investment in facilities, providing long term employment. It was incredibly interesting to explore the vital role the cardboard industry can play in reducing the need for plastics.”


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