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Transporting our products, is the final piece of the jigsaw.


Transporting our products, is the final piece of the jigsaw, in our commitment to making sure the customers get the exact same product they have ordered.

We need to be confident that our tubes, are going to be loaded, secured and looked after, to ensure they arrive at the customer in the same condition they left our site.

The whole process starts as an customer enquiry, which will inevitably turn into a sample request/trial order or indeed a repeat order.

Whichever it may be, our company ethos and core values are very much the same for each purchase order; whether it be 1 box; on parcel network, or a full artic load, the customer requirement comes first, and the quality and reliability we produce, must be repeated on every job.

Treating every order the same; small or large, enables us to be consistent in everything we do, which in turn leads to reliability.

On top of this, we require, delivery on time, and in a professional manner, as this will enhance our reputation and keep us a step ahead of your competitors.

JPT customers will see our haulage partners as an integral part of our business, so how they behave, deliver and manage, has a direct impact on the relationship with our customer and our reputation.

We literally delivery door to door, and in some cases we’ve delivered, production line to production line. Whatever the customer requires, we will endeavour to achieve.


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