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Advancing Sustainability: JPT's Commitment to Transparency and Renewable Energy

At Just Paper Tubes, we are at the forefront of integrating sustainability into our manufacturing processes for cardboard tubes, paper cores, and industrial cores. Our latest development in this journey is the full capture and transparent reporting of our energy usage, initiated with our detailed solar energy generation report for April.

Transparent Energy Reporting

In April, we proudly generated 15,299 kWh of solar energy. To put this figure into context, this amount of energy could power approximately four average UK homes for an entire year, or drive an electric vehicle for over 61,000 miles.

While this figure contributes significantly to powering our operations, the real advancement is our ability to monitor and report this data accurately. We now have the capability to share detailed, monthly energy usage reports with our customers, enhancing transparency and demonstrating our ongoing commitment to sustainable practices.

Understanding Our Impact

To appreciate the environmental impact of our solar energy generation, consider the carbon emissions avoided. Based on the UK's past 12-month energy mix, as reported by the National Grid, the average CO2 emission factor is approximately 143 grams per kWh. Using this factor, our solar power generation in April avoided around 2.19 metric tons of CO2 emissions:

Emissions Avoided=15,299 kWh×0.143 kg CO2/kWh

Emissions Avoided≈2,187.757 kg CO2

Emissions Avoided≈2.19 metric tons 

This calculation highlights the benefit of our solar energy production in reducing our carbon footprint, reflecting the greener energy mix of the UK grid which includes a substantial proportion of renewable energy sources.

Zero Carbon Grid Electricity

It's important to note that when additional electricity is required beyond what we generate, Just Paper Tubes Ltd. only purchases zero-carbon electricity from the grid. This commitment ensures that our operations remain as carbon-neutral as possible, complementing our solar energy generation and reinforcing our dedication to environmentally responsible manufacturing practices.

Our Sustainable Manufacturing Journey

The energy we harness from the sun not only powers the machinery needed to produce high-quality paper cores, cardboard tubes, and industrial cores, but it also illuminates our facilities. This initiative to openly share our energy consumption data represents a significant advancement in our commitment to transparency and sustainability. By leveraging advanced data capture technologies and consistently choosing zero-carbon grid electricity, Just Paper Tubes is not merely advocating for environmental responsibility; we are actively implementing practices that enhance the ecological sustainability of our production processes.

Through our transparency and meticulous tracking of energy use, we aim to inspire and lead by example within the paper tube and core manufacturing industry. We encourage our partners, clients, and the wider community to join us in embracing renewable energy and sustainable practices. Together, we can accelerate the shift towards a greener future.

Join us as we continue to set new standards in renewable energy usage and transparency, driving the ecological transformation of the paper tube industry. Engage with us to learn more about our efforts and how you can contribute to a more sustainable planet.


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