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How Siliconised Outer Paper Labels Ensure Smooth and Efficient Labelling Operations

When it comes to label manufacturing and application, businesses face the challenge of preventing debris and waste from interfering with automatic labelling machines. Unwinding the web to the last label on a paper outer can pose a risk of debris being taken through the labelling process at a label manufacturer's customer facility. However, there's a simple yet effective solution that can address this issue - siliconised outer paper labels. In this blog post, we'll explore how these labels act as a release agent, prevent sticking, and ultimately ensure smooth and efficient labelling operations.

Preventing debris in automatic labelling machines with siliconised outer paper labels

Siliconised Outer Prevents Debris Risk

The most critical aspect of siliconised outer paper labels is their ability to eliminate the risk of debris affecting the labelling process. Debris can lead to jamming or clogging of automatic labelling machines, causing downtime and costly interruptions in production. By having a siliconised outer on the paper label core, manufacturers can safeguard against this problem.

Ensuring Usable Labels

With traditional labels, the last label on the roll may become unusable due to adhesion with the paper core. However, siliconised outer paper labels prevent this issue. The silicone coating acts as a barrier between the adhesive and the paper core, ensuring that labels can be smoothly separated without any sticking problems. This means that every label on the roll remains usable, maximizing efficiency and reducing waste.

Smooth Labelling Process

The siliconised outer surface of these labels serves as a release agent, ensuring labels glide effortlessly through automatic labelling machines. This feature streamlines the labelling process, reducing the chances of downtime and improving overall productivity. Businesses can expect a seamless and efficient labelling experience for their customers, enhancing their reputation for reliability.

Choose JPT for Quality Siliconised Outer Paper Labels

When it comes to premium label solutions, Just Paper Tubes (JPT) is a leading provider with a proven track record. Their label cores are equipped with the necessary silicone coating to prevent label adhesion to the core effectively. With JPT's expertise in label manufacturing, businesses can confidently invest in their products, knowing they are reducing the risk of debris and waste during the labelling process.


Siliconised outer paper labels offer a simple yet powerful solution to ensure smooth and efficient labelling operations. By preventing debris and waste from interfering with automatic labelling machines, these labels eliminate downtime, improve productivity, and reduce unnecessary expenses. When choosing label solutions, businesses can trust JPT for top-quality products with the necessary silicone coating to provide a seamless labelling experience for their customers. Embrace the advantages of siliconised outer paper labels and elevate your labelling processes to new heights of efficiency.


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