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Replacing Plastic with Sustainable Plant Based Byproduct

We are almost a quarter into the 21st century.

Within this quarter, human beings have achieved numerous technological advancements enabling a quality of life that’s way better than what was possible about 50 years ago.

It is the age of ‘smart’ – we have smartphones, smart TVs, smart appliances, smart cars and it feels like even the babies in this age are born smart.

With all this ‘smartness’, one would think that the human race in general would be smarter than it was in the previous centuries. But there’s still a huge gap between our intelligence and our ability to make rational decisions.

We are the only species to have an impact on the ecological balance and the environment. Despite being ‘smart’ and ‘intelligent’, human beings have made some very poor choices and are resistant to change in our lifestyles or habits that have an adverse effect on the wellbeing of the planet, and in turn to the future of the human race.

The creation of plastic in the early 1900s was maybe the biggest turning point for the human race, plastic based products have unlocked many opportunities around packaging solutions. While it was a great invention and has played a major role in the advancement of our society, it is meant that our own demand as consumers has put a huge toll on our oceans, rivers and land. More importantly, we’ve produced this polluting non-biodegradable material without any sustainable means to dispose it off. Whether its articles by the BBC or Sky Ocean Rescue with their hashtag #PassOnPlastic.

When we started Just Paper Tubes about 30 years ago, we were naive too. But we quickly came to terms with the company’s impact on our surroundings. It was a realization which led us to focus on establishing protocols and procedures that contribute to our sustainable initiatives.

Since sustainability became a core driving principle for us, we started producing our paper cores and tubes using 100% recycled material. Furthermore, by the virtue of being made of recycled material, all our products can be recycled as well. We take pride in our sustainability initiatives and constantly work towards upgrading our systems and facilities to be more efficient and lower our carbon footprint and impact on the planet.

As part of our ongoing efforts, we’ve decided to replace the plastic end caps that some of our postal/transit packaging tubes use. Currently, we use LDPE (low density polyethlene) but we’ve been working hard to find alternate material to replace this non-biodegradable material with a recyclable and biodegradable plant based byproduct.

It’s too soon to divulge any details about this innovation at this point of time, as this is highly sensitive information from a market and competition perspective. However, we’re working very hard to bring this recyclable product to the market by the end of 2018. We’ve shared our outlook and purpose for this shift to biodegradable caps with our existing clients and we’re pleased to know that they share our enthusiasm and are excited to move to the new caps as soon as possible.

As a manufacturer of paper tubes and cores for numerous clients across the UK, we are proud to lead this movement in the paper tubes and cores industry and becoming one of the first companies to make this sustainability switch.

It is imperative to collectively curb the use of plastic material and make efforts to switch to biodegradable products and truly commit to sustainability. We believe that not just manufacturers and producers, but packaging companies and the end consumers, all must realize the urgency to move towards sustainable products and processes.

This is the only way to stop and reverse the damage to our planet Earth.

Keep reading our latest news articles in regard to our biodegradable & recyclable, non plastic, plant based caps! These are going to be the long term solution to a problem for transit cores, postal tubes and cardboard tubes.


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