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Just Paper Tubes: Leading the paper tubes and cores industry by a large margin

When a label or carpet manufacturer goes to the market to look for a cardboard tubes manufacturer, what should he look out for? We, at JPT, have tried to put our feet into our customers’ shoes and tried to answer their supposed queries. We hope this will be a useful guide for the industry.

Q1 What are the uses of paper cores:

Answer: Paper cores can have a wide range of uses. These cardboard cores can be used as label cores, flexible film cores, foil paper cores, carpet cores, and many other capacities. In simpler terms, paper cores are appropriate for anything that can be rolled around a core for storing or transportation.

Q2 What are the uses of paper tubes:

Answer: Like paper cores, paper tubes have a number of uses. Postal and mailing tubes are great examples. JPT paper tubes are high-quality tubes made out of recycled cardboard paper that can be used to carry items like posters, maps & charts, POS, marketing materials, sign vinyl & wraps, beading & trim, etc.

Q3 What specification can you provide:

Answer: JPT prides in the product and specification range. Having a large warehouse adjacent to our production centre, which operates 24 hours a day. Whatever specification you’re looking for, there’s a high chance that we already have that in stock. If not, we can manufacture and ship within a day!

Q4 What is your lead time:

Answer: What sets us apart from the rest of the industry is 24/7 production, who tirelessly manufacture cardboard cores and tubes. This has helped us to significantly reduce our lead time. Whatever volume you intend to order, we guarantee overnight shipment for those urgent orders.

Q5 Do you have your own transport:

Answer: Yes, like any other successful businesses, we have our own transport fleet. To ensure timely delivery, we use our own transport, EURO 6 efficient vehicles with GPS trackers. So, wherever in the UK our clients want us to deliver paper cores, we can get it done within the shortest possible time.

Q6 Do you have any certifications:

Answer: Yes we do. We have received both ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 for the quality of our products and our responsible behaviour towards the environment. Keeping our customers in the centre of our services, we ensure the quality that stands out in the industry. Plus, we’re driven by our responsibility towards the environment and have taken a number of steps in ensuring zero pollution. We were also received a Houses of Parliament award in 2019 for corporate sustainability.

Q7 What environment-friendly initiatives have you launched:

Answer: Keeping the environment in mind, we, at JPT, have ensured CO2 zero energy tariff. This has taken us years of hard work and investments. But since JPT values the environment over anything else, we kept pushing our limits till we’ve reached the mark, we've been used paper from 100% recycled sources for over 3 decades.

Q8 How do I communicate you:

Answer: We feature a number of channels for communication and support. You can send a direct message to us using our smart live-chat option integrated on our website, you can send us messages through our Whatsapp for business number or email. Or if you want a quick chat, you can directly reach us through our landline number, which is available 24/7.

You may have other queries in your mind too. As you already know, we’re just a message or call away from you and are happy to respond to any of your queries.


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