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Our Workforce

Updated: Jan 16, 2020


At Just Paper Tubes LTD (JPT) we are extremely proud, that our current employees, have amassed 380 years’ service, at an average of 13.5 years per employee! 


We appreciate that employees who have been with the company for many years have considerable knowledge of the company’s culture and its products and services. 

They will have experienced many changes within the workplace, and consequently understand what works and what doesn’t. That predominately comes down to JPT’s culture around change, our workforce helps scope the change and with this buy-in we are able always be ahead of competition, and more importantly deliver a high quality product with fantastic service to you, our customers. 

Long-term employees indicate a secure, stable work environment and making sure we retain these employees is vital, its common sense after all. Good for our staff and good for Just Paper Tubes, the UK most technologically advanced Cardboard tubes manufacturer. 

This is achieved with the appropriate training, which will initially put them in a position to make the correct decisions, then in time, they themselves will be able to pass on their knowledge as part of an invaluable support system. 

In performing their job duties day after day, they develop a strong knowledge base, which results in higher productivity because fewer mistakes are made. We don’t set KPI targets for our colleagues, and we don’t have punitive measures for when things go wrong.

The best example of this; and promoting within at JPT, would be both our Factory Manager & Shift Supervisor, who have 22 years & 21 years’ service respectively, with both starting life at JPT, on the end of the production line.  Both Managers have used their experience throughout our organisation scope changes which have enabled us to be more efficient and serve our customers better. 

JPT prides itself on an ‘open door policy’, so employees feel comfortable approaching management with work-related problems. We feel, treating all employees with fairness and respect, is vital to keeping staff long term. Many of our internal processes have come about from suggestions from front line staff. 

A high employee turnover will cost the company in training, admin, time being lost within our production lines & the resources required to recruit when seeking replacements. So, our retention strategies are vital to the growth of the company and is something we are really proud of.  At JPT we are always looking for colleagues who want to grow with us. 

Without the strength and commitment of our workforce we wouldn’t be able to deliver our 3 core values which are at the heart of everything we do: 

  • The customer matters most – you are the focus of everything we do. Our dedicated, friendly customer service team is on hand to provide you with exactly what you want, when you want it.

  • Quality and reliability – we believe in delivering the highest quality products, swiftly and efficiently, to meet our customers’ demands and support their business needs.

  • The competitive edge – the desire to be the best at what we do drives us. With our processes, procedures and pricing we can offer our customers premium products at competitive rates.


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