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Our Role in the Environment

At Just Paper Tubes, we take our role in the environment very seriously. We adhere to the highest of environmental standards and are proud of our outstanding sustainability record. We have achieved this in many different ways, keeping every detail in mind, to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Our building is equipped with 100kw Solar Panels. The solar panels will convert the rays of the sun into an environmentally-friendly energy alternative. On a sunny day, this can provide all the energy the site needs!

JPT also has a Biomass heating plant that provides all the heating requirements. This uses sustainable wood pellets to burn and create heat. It reduces the need to use fossil fuels, and unrenewable resources which we know is not a sustainable way to get heat and energy. It also greatly reduces our carbon footprint.

We take our environmental focus on the roads as well. Our transport fleet has EURO 6 emission standards. These are the most recent standards set by the EU for exhaust emissions of harmful pollutants. Having EURO 6 emission standards also leads to an improved fuel economy, meaning our wagons will need less fuel to deliver your cardboard tubes and other paper products.

Often you will find paper products such as industrial cores that cannot be recycled or details such as adhesives that are actually harmful to the environment. When it comes to our products, JPT only uses 100% recyclable paper, and our glue is non-toxic. You will always get a safe product that is environmentally-friendly made in a sustainable workplace.

It’s no wonder we passed the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems certification with flying colours!


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