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Just Paper Tubes to the rescue !

We buy in millions of plastic components per year from one of our partner manufacturers who, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, was both anxiously & urgently developing items of PPE to help prevent frontline workers, doctors, nurses, & care home staff from contracting this awful disease.

Knowing that we both had many good contacts within the NHS procurement organisation & excellent logistic solutions we were asked by them for urgent help in the distribution of a plastic face visor which they had managed to design, tool-up for, & bring to production, all within a couple of weeks !

We are all, at Just Paper Tubes, totally committed & willing to go above & beyond to play our part in the delay phase of the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic & through to the eradication & conquering of this contagion, & so, without hesitation, the answer was yes ! It’s amazing what we can all achieve as part of a team taking part-ownership of this disaster.

Without hesitation we agreed to buy the first supply of the face visors as soon as they were off the production line which duly arrived on site the very next morning in order that we could send out both samples & supplies almost immediately via our Just Paper Tubes Logistics systems.

We had also learned that our local Selby War Memorial Hospital was in desperate need of PPE, especially face visors, & to cut through the layers of procurement administration, we gave the Ward Sister a direct call offering our help & to say that we would, naturally, donate a supply which was more than eagerly accepted !

True to form, our Logistics Manager duly volunteered to take them in himself without hesitation, whilst obviously adopting all of the necessary safety, sanitising, & distancing protocols which are now so deeply ingrained throughout our entire organisation.

Now, that really is service……..but, as always, with a smile !


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