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JPT Team delivers during difficult Covid-19 times

The past few weeks, and the coming months are an anxious time for us all. However, we wanted to take a short amount of time to thank our staff, for working so hard and pulling out all the stops so that we could deliver unprecedented number of cardboard tubes and paper cores to our customers.

Although March 2020 was a record breaking month for Just Paper Tubes, its important to remember that the increased demand was driven by Covid-19 related pharmaceutical production, or increased food and beverage sales.


This isn't something to celebrate, but we do want to draw recognition to; not only our staff, but also the wider supply chain:

- Our suppliers, for rising to the challenge and keeping us in stock of raw materials & packaging - 100% OTIF KPI (On time, in Full) from all suppliers in March 2020.

-Our customers, for working hand in hand with us to ensure we could meet all of their cardboard cores demands and understand their priorities.

- Our logistics partners, It was a difficult month, with ever changing goal posts due to Covid-19, however we were able to keep our promises to every one of our customers, irrespective of size, or industry, due to you.

We ended up making over 6.5 Million paper tubes, to put that in perspective that is around 1/3 more than we produced in March 2019. We made cores to go into hospital floorings, labels for testing kits, and food packaging.


During April, we are focusing on providing rapid turnaround to all of our customers who are linked to the Pharma and food sector. That's why we can announce that we are still operating 24 hours a day, its good for our customers as we can deliver within hours ,not days, especially in these times of unprecedented demand for food and pharma label cores.

We can also announce that even during the pandemic we can provide our customers with assistance 24 hours a day, just call us and we'll go out our way to help, whatever time of day. 01757 630226. During the day time you can speak to your normal JPT Contact - irrespective of home working, Outside of office hours your call be directed to one of our on-site shift managers.

In short, we are here to help and do what we can for our customers, our staff, and the nation.


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