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JPT Powering The Next Phase Of Sustainability Initiative to meet our impressive month on month growt

Last month we announced our latest sustainability initiative to replace ‘plastic end caps’ or LDPE (low density polyethylene) with a biodegradable material which is manufactured using recyclable plant based by product. These are used with the postal/transit packaging tubes we produce.

We’re happy to tell you that our first batch of trial caps has passed extensive trials in manufacturing and logistics. Among the many tests we conducted, we even sent some tubes with the new biodegradable caps around the country to monitor how the caps hold up during transit and transport. The feedback we received has been very positive from our select customers who agreed to be a part of these trials.

Moving To Stage 2

After evaluating the results and feedback from our customers, we’ve decided to move into the next phase of trials. In the stage 2 trials, we’ll begin using these new biodegradable caps more extensively, rolling these out to more of our customers, seeking their approvals and feedback from their end consumers.

We hope to eventually replace all plastic caps that are being used with our paper and cardboard cores and tubes. In this endeavour, we’ll be relying heavily on our customers and their end consumers to provide us with valuable information and feedback about the new caps. This will help us make the necessary improvements and adjust our manufacturing processes before we initiate full scale production.

Leading The Shift To Sustainability

While a lot of effort has gone into this sustainability initiative to move to a plant based material for the caps, and the fact that we’re invested both financially and emotionally in this project, we believe there’s more to be done. However, this call must be taken by all businesses, manufacturers and consumers to consciously make an effort and move to using biodegradable products.

We as a company have taken up ‘sustainability’ as a way of business and each one of us at Just Paper Tubes has extended these principles of sustainability to our personal lives. Even the simplest of steps can do wonders if everyone contributes.

What’s more critical is to understand the impact we, as humans, as communities and as large organizations, have on our surroundings.

Over the past few months, we’ve been witnessing a massive market growth in our ‘Transit Packing Cores’ (to the tune of 13%). We’ve produced 130,000 of these tubes in August alone! Coming to terms with this immense growth, we started thinking about the plastic caps that go along with these tubes and the amount of non-biodegradable waste being produced as a result.

This set the ball rolling and we delved deeper into looking for a solution to the ‘plastic’ problem until we succeeded. We believe that simply talking about the environment and agonizing about everything that’s wrong with the world does no good. One must act.

We’d like to set this as an example for our contemporaries in the industry and would urge them to ‘act’ as well and move to biodegradable material and sustainability practices.

This is the only way to ensure that our future generations, our children, get to breathe fresh air, drink clean water and enjoy the fruits of nature in all its glory.


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