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JPT is the industry leader for reducing environmental impact in the cardboard tubes industry.

At Just Paper Tubes, we take our role in the environment very seriously.

Early into our business, we became very conscious of the impact our business has on our environment. As individuals, most of us do our bit to keep our surroundings clean and follow sustainable practices.

But what do we do as a small local business to ensure that our surroundings are not affected adversely by our operations?

Hence, we started looking for eco-friendly solutions that would not only be environment friendly, but also be cost effective to our business. Over the years, we have employed numerous processes and implemented adherence to the highest of environmental standards with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint.

Here are some of the major steps we’ve taken to achieve our sustainability goals:

Going Solar

Our building is equipped with 100kw Solar Panels to produce low cost energy through environment friendly means. On a sunny day, this can provide all the energy the site needs! This has not only helped in reducing our energy consumption, but also helped in drastically bringing down our costs.

Biomass Heating

The Just Paper Tubes facility is equipped with a Biomass heating plant that provides all the heating requirements of the site. This uses sustainable wood pellets to burn and create heat, thus reducing the need to use fossil fuels or other nonrenewable resources. This has significantly reduced our carbon footprint as well.

Upgrading To Latest Emission Standards

Our environment policies and efforts go beyond our facility. We’ve ensured that our transport fleet is constantly upgraded accordingly to the latest emission standards. Recently, we have replaced our old fleet with a new fleet of vehicles that boast of the latest EURO 6 emission standards.

Not only does this reduce emission of harmful pollutants, but it also enables improved fuel economy! Thus, our wagons need less fuel to make quick and timely deliveries of cardboard tubes and other paper products to our clients.

Using Recyclable Manufacturing Material

You may often come across certain paper products such as industrial cores that cannot be recycled or adhesives that may actually be harmful to the environment.

Not at Just Paper Tubes

We use 100% recyclable paper to manufacture products and ensure that we use only non-toxic glue which is harmless.

In recent years, we’ve realized that our sustainability efforts have paid off very well.

While the initial implementation costs for these steps were high, we have recovered most of our investments within a few years and are now operating with a high sustainability index.

It’s no wonder we passed the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems certification with flying colours!


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