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How we made our workplace COVID secure.

The UK government guidelines for a COVID secure environment.

At the start of 2020, we never imagined a global health crisis like this year's COVID-19 epidemic would ever occur. The virus has affected thousands of lives, and countries are aggressively trying to find means to secure a safer environment. The UK government has provided guidelines for a manageable workplace, and we have now implemented measures accordingly. Following those recommendations and risk assessment, our office spaces are safer and can continue production and serve our customers.

Risk assessment for a COVID secure workplace.

Our risk assessment takes all staff, visitors, contractors, cleaners, drivers, and vulnerable groups into account, and we have now implemented necessary measures. This includes handwashing, cleaning, social distancing, symptoms of COVID-19 at work, and procedures for drivers and mental health needs.

We have soap and water available across our facilities and adhere to stringent practices of regular and thorough hand washing. In addition, tissues are available throughout the workplace. We also give reminders to catch coughs and sneezes in tissues and should be disposed of in bins immediately. As developments surrounding the virus continues, we remain vigilant of the situation. As a result, we regularly distribute advice published by the government at, Public Health England.

High Strength Cardboard Tubes for plastics and fabrics
JPT High Performance Cores

At JPT, we have also taken steps to review work schedules. This includes start and finishing working hours, shift times, and working at home options. These measures will help reduce unnecessary contact and maintain social distancing as much as possible. Whether working on carpet tubes, high-performance cores, or label tubes, our priority is for our staff, customers, and the continuation of our products. We have redesigned our walkways and workstations processes. This is to ensure social distancing and have also given protective visors for all staff if 2 metre distance is not possible.

Deliveries of our items have also continued, and we have put in place adequate welfare facilities for all drivers. In addition, all JPT drivers are equipped with hand sanitizers, should washing facilities are not available. Moreover, drivers received training on contactless deliveries and digital delivery notes. Due to these quick actions, we are delighted in continuing production. Whether of cardboard postal tubes, flexible film cores, tape cores, and more, we are available to assist.

Cardboard Tubes made in a covid secure environment
JPT Covid SEcure

Continuation of a COVID secure area.

When we first learnt about the outbreak of this virus, we decided to take early prevention measures. This is because we care about our community, our staff, and our customers. As news surrounding COVID-19 develops, we are determined to take precautions of the safety of everyone involved proactively. You can find out more about our current risk assessment here.


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