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How Carpet Tubes help in Storing and Transporting vinyl floor coverings or coreless carpet?

Imagine a vinyl floor coverings or coreless carpet Tubes that you need to transport and is not properly rolled?

Well, no matter how thick and beautiful it is, if it is not rolled properly, it will lose its shaped and looks like its made of poor material. Of course, no one wants that. But on the other hand, if it is rolled properly over a carpet tube without losing its shape, it will be great for manufacturer, installer and buyer.

There is a wide assortment of carpet tubes available that are capable of carrying different weights of flooring and other material. Speaking about Carpet Tubes, these are made from high-quality cardboard and are available in a wide assortment of thickness and lengths. Made from recycled boards, especially pulped boards, these are robust and also holds a great DIY potential, alternatively they can be easily recycled.

When looking to get these carpet tubes for your business, it is wise to order in bulk from a reputed manufacturer like Just Paper Tubes.

So, before we discuss the benefits of getting them from a leading manufacturer, let’s discuss some of the benefits these tubes will offer to retailers and contractors.

Make transportation easier

Transporting vinyl floor or carpet is a big challenge for retailers and contractors because these vary in length and thickness. If these are not rolled in their correct shape, it even becomes difficult for the installer to install them. So, to get the most out of these two types of floorings, it is important to roll them perfectly so that they will be in their uniform shape at the time of transit. The cylinder shape of a cardboard tube makes this easy to achieve.

When rolled properly, these can transport items from one place to another without any hassle. Therefore, whether you need to transport products from warehouse to shop or from shop to home, carpet tubes ensure to keep them in a proper shape.

A must Buy product for Carpet Tubes/cores for retailers and contractors

If you own a business which produces carpet or vinyl floor coverings, then these carpet tubes are the must-have products for your industry. These carpet tubes will allow floor coverings to be wrapped over them and keep them in the right shape for a long span of time. Moreover, if you need to transport them for a long distance, these floor coverings will stay in their actual shape along with not fading the colours and prints. Simply just slip a plastic or paper covering over the roll.


As mentioned above, the carpet tubes are available in different sizes. The lengths of these tubes start from 500mm to 6,000 mm. We can vary the thickness to suit your business and save you money. Feel free to get in touch with us so we can talk through the options when its comes to carpet tubes.

Why choose Just Paper Tubes?

With so many cardboard cores, carpet tubes manufacturer and supplier out there, why you should choose Just Paper Tubes? If this is the question in your mind then here is a quick answer in a few bullet points-

1. JPT is committed to ISO 14001 that ensures eco-friendly solutions and products.

2. Our tubes are the strongest in the marketplace, this is down to JPT’s drying technology, they use heat generated from renewable and environmentally friendly biomass that ensures no environmental damage.

3. JPT has the quickest lead time in the UK, Order today for delivery tomorrow on Carpet Tubes.

4. With the innovative solutions, JPT ensures to keep the price lower than their competition.

Just Paper Tubes- An ultimate Supplier of Carpet Tubes and Cores

Whether you are looking for normal standard carpet cores or custom-made design, Just Paper Tubes is your ultimate destination. They offer a wide assortment if cores and tubes that not only meet your requirements in terms of quality but also offers the highest industry standards.

Alternatively, if you are looking for cardboard tubes for consumer foils and films. Or for your textile, label, tape, plastic or construction firm, Just Paper Tubes is your ultimate destination.


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