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Finding the Right Postal Tube for Your Paper Size – The Essential Guide

When it comes to shipping documents, artwork, or any large paper materials, the right postal tube is essential to protect your items during transit. At Just Paper Tubes, we understand the importance of finding that perfect fit. Here's a quick guide to help you match the paper size with the ideal tube, and explain why different tubes might be necessary for the same paper size.

Understanding Paper Sizes

Paper sizes can range from the compact A3 to the expansive B0, each serving different purposes. Whether you are an architect with A1 plans, a retailer with A0 posters, or an artist with B0 canvases, the dimensions of your paper dictate the length and diameter of the tube needed to securely house your items.

Matching Tubes to Paper Sizes

Our list of tube dimensions simplifies the selection process by associating each paper size with the recommended tube dimensions. For example, an A3 paper fits comfortably in a tube measuring 330mm in length and 44.8mm in diameter. However, the size of the tube you require might vary even for the same paper size, so here is a helpful suggestion:

For A3 Size Papers

  • Tube: 330mm x 44.8mm x 1.5mm

For A2 Size Papers

  • Tube: 450mm x 44.8mm x 1.5mm

  • Tube: 450mm x 63.5mm x 1.5mm

For A1 Size Papers

  • Tube: 640mm x 51.1mm x 1.5mm

  • Tube: 640mm x 63.5mm x 1.5mm

  • Tube: 640mm x 76.6mm x 1.5mm

  • Tube: 640mm x 102mm x 3mm

For A0 Size Papers

  • Tube: 940mm x 76.6mm x 2mm

  • Tube: 940mm x 102mm x 3mm

  • Tube: 940mm x 127mm x 3mm

For B2 Size Papers

  • Tube: 559mm x 51.1mm x 1.5mm

For B1 Size Papers

  • Tube: 813mm x 63.5mm x 1.5mm

  • Tube: 813mm x 76.6mm x 2mm

For B0 Size Papers

  • Tube: 1046mm x 76.6mm x 3mm

  • Tube: 1046mm x 102mm x 3mm

  • Tube: 1046mm x 152mm x 3mm

Why Different Tubes for the Same Paper Size?

Here are some factors to consider:

  • Protection Level: For delicate or high-value items, you might prefer a tube with thicker walls for added protection.

  • Multiple Papers: If you're rolling multiple sheets together, a larger diameter might be needed to accommodate the increased bulk without damaging the edges.

  • Extra Space: Some customers prefer a bit of extra space to include additional protective wrapping materials inside the tube.

  • Regulations and Standards: Shipping and mailing regulations sometimes dictate the dimensions of packages. It’s wise to consider these when selecting a postal tube.

  • Reusable Tubes: For items that are returned or reused frequently, a sturdier tube with thicker walls can ensure longevity.

Custom Solutions for Unique Needs

At Just Paper Tubes, we understand that one size does not fit all. We offer a variety of tube lengths, diameters, and wall thicknesses. Plus, if you need a custom solution, we’re here to create a tube tailored to your specific requirements.

Expert Advice

Still unsure about the best tube for your needs? Our team at Just Paper Tubes is always ready to assist. We'll help you navigate the options for optimal fit and protection, ensuring your items arrive in perfect condition. Just tell us what are trying to protect and send and we will suggest the most cost effective tube for the job.


Choosing the right postal tube is about more than matching paper sizes; it's about understanding the specific needs of your items in transit. At Just Paper Tubes, we pride ourselves on providing a range of options and expert advice to ensure your papers are well-protected on their journey. Visit our website at to find the perfect tube or get in touch for personalised service.


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