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Just Paper Tubes Unveils Revolutionary "Grow-Your-Own Tube" Initiative in North Yorkshire

In a trailblazing move that redefines the fusion of sustainability and packaging solutions, Just Paper Tubes Ltd. (JPT) proudly announces the successful fruition of an ambitious project nestled within the verdant expanses of North Yorkshire: the world’s first farm dedicated to cultivating cardboard tubes. Initiated two years ago, this ground-breaking venture stands as a testament to JPT’s unwavering commitment to pioneering eco-friendly packaging.

Leveraging Unique Soil for Unparalleled Innovation

Central to this innovative project's success is the Vale of York's unique soil composition, a serendipitous blend of nutrients found nowhere else, making it the only fertile ground for growing cardboard tubes. This distinctive advantage propels the "Grow-Your-Own Tube" initiative into the limelight, setting new sustainability and innovation benchmarks in the packaging sector.


A Harvest of Varieties

From the meticulous sowing of the first TubeSeeds, a rich harvest of tube varieties has sprung forth, tailored to meet diverse industry needs:

  • Label Cores (Cylindrus Scriptorius): Delicate yet durable, ideal for precision wrapping.

  • Carpet Poles (Polex Robustus): Strong and sturdy, capable of bearing the heft of heavy carpets.

  • Industrial Cores (Coreyx Industria): Built to endure, these cores stand up to the rigours of industrial use.

Prolific Reproduction: A Cycle of Sustainability

The "Cardboardus Tubularis" plants have shown a remarkable reproduction rate, with each capable of producing multiple tubes per season. This prolificacy not only underscores the project's sustainability but also heralds a significant step towards a packaging industry that harmonizes with nature.

An Invitation to "Pick-Your-Own" with a Twist

In the spirit of community and a touch of April 1st humour, JPT is excited to offer a unique "Pick-Your-Own Tube" experience. Should our customers wish to venture into the fields of North Yorkshire and harvest their tubes, a playful 10% discount will be applied to their haul. Moreover, we believe this could serve as an unparalleled team-building exercise, combining the joys of agriculture with the thrill of industry innovation. Imagine the team spirit fostered by a day out in the fields, picking tubes under the Yorkshire sun—a surefire way to build bonds and share laughs.

Eco-Innovation Meets Team Building

This initiative not only paves the way for sustainable packaging solutions but also offers a novel approach to corporate team building. So, grab your wellies and prepare for a day of fun, laughter, and a little bit of farming, all in the pursuit of sustainability.

On this day of jests, JPT celebrates our dedication to innovation, environmental stewardship, and the unbreakable spirit of teamwork. Here's to growing together towards a greener future, one cardboard tube at a time.


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