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JPT, the core & tube company with a firm foundation, steps in to stabilise the demand for geotextile

Geotextiles comprise either woven or non-woven fabrics produced mainly from

polypropylene strand & fibre and are mainly used for essential landscape stabilisation,

erosion control, construction & infrastructure projects such as road & railways.

Woven geotextiles are produced on massive industrial looms whereas non-wovens are

commonly manufactured using a “needle-punch” method which uses needles to produce a

felt material, some of these materials are up to 6000mm wide! Each type has its benefits

depending upon the characteristics required by the individual project such as porosity,

drainage, strength & longevity which may even mean that a mixture of the two types are


Such projects can demand bespoke type & width of materials to be made at very short

notice & this is where JPT comes in, like no other core & tube manufacturer can - because

we run 24 hours per day. We were recently asked to make specific high strength cores on

which geotextile would be produced to be used for urgent repair of the Trans-Siberian

railway – the damage had been caused to the track-bed by melting permafrost, due to

climate change! The demand for non-standard width cores (The Trans-Siberian railway is a

wider width gauge than standard) was placed late on a Friday afternoon & the cured & dried

cores were delivered to the geotextile manufacturer on the following Tuesday having spent

essential drying time in our state-of-the-art drying facility – the largest & technically

advanced in the UK! Apparently, the non-woven geotextile was produced & delivered to site

in Siberia the very same week! Reliability has been woven into our Company core values!

New restrictions with regard to safety & environmental aspects on landfill sites are also

creating demand for such fabrics & we, at Just Paper Tubes, are eager to support that


We are pleased to have an involvement, in our own indirect way, in such infrastructure

projects as Crossrail, HS2 & hundreds of road improvement schemes all with the ultimate

aim of improving the environment & reducing the effects of climate change.

So, if you have a need for geotextile cores then just give us a call!


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