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Finding Purpose By Giving Back To The Community

At the onset of our journey as a local business, Just Paper Tubes has always understood the importance of the community we live and work in.

Looking back 30 years, we been able to grow as a business, slowly but steadily, and not without hard work.

We became a leading manufacturer and supplier of cardboard cores, cardboard tubes and paper tubes in the UK. Our quality and service enabled us to work with large corporations and brands across the world.

However, amid all that success, we have always realised that its important to recognise the volunteering and charity work that our colleagues carry out.

We understand that as a local business, we wanted to be committed to our community. We wanted to give back to the community that helped us and supported us through our initial phases of struggles, along with being understanding for our needs for growth.

Hence, we consciously started small initiatives to start giving back in whatever manner possible. We started small, mostly in form of providing jobs to those who needed them, by hiring people from the local area and empowering them with a means of livelihood.

Moreover, we started integrating environmental, social and ethical principles into the core business, thereby establishing long-term values and becoming a socially responsible business that’s aware of its impact on its community and surroundings.

What really made all that possible was the fact that we at Just Paper Tubes as a team shared a sense of belonging and responsibility to our community. All of us together contribute to this healthy and positive environment. Some of our team members have been active volunteers and contributors at a personal level as well.

One such person is Richard Singh, our Logistics Manager who has been working with Just Paper Tubes since past 21 years. He follows the example set by his mother Wendy Singh, who had been very active in the field of community service and fundraising for charities. Established by Wendy in June 2009, the Selby Hands of Hope (SHOH) is a local charity that generates money within the Selby & District area and distributes the funds back out to people or groups in that area that need goods, services or help and Finding Purpose By Giving Back To The Community assistance.

Richard Singh has participated in many fundraising events including but not limited to football, cricket, golf, half marathons, marathons and walks. Being the chairman of SHOH since 2016, Richard is highly motivated towards charity work and seeks to lead the Selby Hands of Hope under his chairmanship to continue the fantastic work his mum started. His values are aligned very closely with those of Just Paper Tubes and thus were highly appreciated and supported by all the team members. Apart from supporting all SHOH fundraising initiatives, Just Paper Tubes recently became the very first shirt sponsors for the SHOH Great North Run Team.

Our efforts at Corporate Social Responsibility have helped us gain a sense of belonging in our community, increasing our visibility in the area and enabling us to reach out and help a lot of people. But that doesn’t stop us from setting bigger targets and venturing out to do more.

Selby Hands of Hope fundraising total since being created will exceed £1 million pounds in 2018, which is such a milestone for the charity to achieve, and we know how proud Richard is of the charity that his mother founded. SHOH is hopeful to purchase one of the shops that it currently rents in Selby which, in the long term would allow it to deploy the money using for rent to help more people in the local area.

Just Paper Tubes are looking forward to supporting SHOH over the coming years through donations and sponsorship along with growing our business so that we can increase work opportunities for people in the Selby area.


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