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Top tips for Film cardboard cores buyers

Are you looking to buy film & foil cardboard cores for your B2B business? If you google “film & foil cardboard cores,” you’ll find a number of vendor options on the internet. The right manufacturer is just a click away.

But before making your choice, we’d recommend you to read through our custom top tips specifically for film & foil cardboard buyers. We’ve been making these cores for over three decades in this industry, we at JPT believe that we have the expertise to share to make your choice easier.

Tip 01: Have a detailed dialogue with your vendor. Let them ask questions, make your requirements clear, and ask feedback from them. Quality and specification can vary for cardboard cores for films and foils depending on the usage. If you are looking for the highest standard hygiene cardboard core, for example, this should be communicated beforehand. Check if any particular crush strengths need to be achieved.

Tip 02: Learn about a vendor’s capacity before making your choice. Can they provide cardboard cores for all your requirements? Can they make the surface of the core as per the specification that you’ve provided? The last thing you want is a crease in your film or foil. Can they provide you with a range of designs to choose from? Are their cores of precision lengths, and dust-free? A vendor should check all the boxes.

Tip 03: Ask the vendor about their research process. Stand-out manufacturers relentlessly run researches with their products and production process. This helps them with continuous improvements. At JPT, we’ve incorporated our findings from our recent winding pressure research into production. This has helped us to overcome the winding process disturbances during production, cutting down production cost.

Tip 04: Look for vendors who produce film & foil cores that can withstand any pressure. You wouldn’t like to waste your time in approving below-quality products. At JPT, we can say that all our manufacturing and post-manufacturing processes are carefully developed to ensure high winding pressure for our cardboard cores. From choosing the right paper, reel thickness, reel dimensions to the winding process, all the steps are closely monitored to ensure the quality of our film & foil cardboard cores.

Tip 05: You need the perfect cardboard cores that are appropriate for all sorts of applications. While dual sourcing is sometimes required, have one approved supplier for your cardboard tubes needs keeps complexity in stock and ordering down. So find a vendor who can make all your requirements, instead of running to different vendors for cardboard cores for different applications. You should look for a one-stop solution for all your film and foil cardboard cores needs. JPT has the range and capacity to do this. We want to partner with you for the long-term as a dependable single-stop cardboard core source.

Tip 06: Do the cores meet the highest hygiene standards? For film and foil cores, hygiene is an important parameter. Before choosing your vendor, you must test the cores to learn about their hygiene standard. For JPT, we refine the surface of our cardboard cores using food grade approved liners.

Tip 07: What’s the lead time of your vendor? If your vendor takes over a week to deliver the products, is it going to hamper your business? Are you ready to accept losses caused by your vendor? Select a cardboard core manufacturer who delivers goods within the shortest possible time. JPT has a reputation for 24-hour lead time. We’re operational 24/5 and can handle any volume of your order.

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Don’t rush into making decisions, that’s what we can suggest. A business relationship can last a lifetime if both parties are doing things right. Keeping our customers at the core of our business has helped us significantly over the years and that’s what we intend to hold to in the coming years as well.


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