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Useful Tips for Film Cardboard Cores Buyers

A number of film and foil cardboard cores manufacturer, vendor and suppliers are emerging in the market nowadays. If you search “film and foil cardboard cores,” you’ll find an overwhelming number of options online. Finding the right manufacturer is just a click away.

We at JPT recommend reading the tips outlined below before choosing your vendor. We’ve been making these cores for over three decades in this industry, we at JPT believe that we have the expertise to share to make your choice easier.

Communicate with the Vendor

Building a strong and lasting relationship with vendors can help your business grow. The key to doing so is proper communication. Always communicate with the vendor. Let them know of your requirements and expectations and if necessary, your business model.

Quality and specification for cardboard cores for films and foils vary depending on the usage. Always communicate with the vendor beforehand to ensure that your requirements are met and delays will be avoided.

One of JPT’s core values is that the customer matters most – you are the focus of everything we do. Our dedicated, friendly customer service team is on hand to provide you with exactly what you want, when you want it.

Are the Cardboard Tubes and Film Cores environment-friendly?

When you buy Eco-friendly products, you not only save money, but help save the planet Earth. Eco-friendly products are less expensive and safe for everyone to use.

JPT is ISO 14001 Accredited. We only source 100% recycled paper coreboard. It's made out of the recycling you do at Home! We use solar generation with the capacity to run all our production during daylight hours, and when we’re not drawing on it we feed it back into the national grid.

Understand the processes in manufacturing cardboard tubes, film cores and other products

Ask the vendor about their research process. Stand-out manufacturers relentlessly run research with their products and production process. This helps them with continuous improvements.

At JPT, we’ve incorporated our findings from our recent winding pressure research into production. This has helped us to overcome the winding process disturbances during production, cutting down production cost, thus making our products more affordable to everyone.

Does the vendor produce reliable and quality cardboard tubes and other products?

Reliability and Quality are very important. The more reliable the products are, the more credible the vendor is. The better the quality, the higher the revenue! Look for vendors who produce film & foil cores that can withstand any pressure. You wouldn’t like to waste your time in approving below-quality products.

At JPT, we can say that all our manufacturing and post-manufacturing processes are carefully developed to ensure high winding pressure for our cardboard cores. From choosing the right paper, reel thickness, reel dimensions to the winding process, all the steps are closely monitored to ensure the quality of our film & foil cardboard cores.

Look for a manufacturer that has the Capacity and Capability to Fulfill your Requirements.

Can the vendor provide cardboard cores for all your requirements? Can they make the surface of the core as per the specification that you’ve provided? Can they provide you with a wide range of designs to choose from?

Knowing the manufacturer’s production capabilities and capacity would be very beneficial. It doesn't only save you the time and reduce costs, but could make your business run more efficiently. Imagine you have different requirements for cardboard tubes and have different manufacturers that fulfill your requirements. Connecting to different vendors requires much time and effort and the purchasing and procurement costs would increase. Wouldn't that be so uneconomical?

So look for a one-stop solution for all your film and foil cardboard cores supplies. JPT operates 24 hours a day, and we don’t stop because we know our customers rely on our products and our ability to deliver them on time. Partner with us long term for all your cardboard tubes, film cores and all other supplies to make your business run more efficiently.

Check if the cores meet the highest hygiene standards

Safety and Hygiene is the most important factor to consider when choosing your films and foil cores vendor. Before committing to purchasing the cores, you must test the cores to ensure that it meets the highest standards.

At Just Paper Tubes (JPT), we refine the surface of our cardboard cores using food grade approved liners making it safe for everyone to use.

Know the Vendor’s production lead time

Production lead time is very crucial in any business. Delay in supply deliveries means decrease in revenue.

How long would it take for the vendor to ship the products? If a vendor takes over a week to deliver the products, is it going to hamper your business? Are you ready to accept losses caused by your vendor? Select a cardboard core manufacturer who delivers goods within the shortest possible time.

JPT is ISO 9001 certified and with a reputation for 24-hour lead time. We have a proven ability to consistently provide products and services that meet the needs of our customers at the highest standard. Our supply chain Quality system is extremely advanced, making us an industry leader in our ability to process, dispatch, trace and deliver products within your specified turnaround time.

Don’t rush into making decisions, that’s what we can suggest. Review, research, and reach out to your prospect vendors. Doing so can help you find the right vendor for a long term business relationship.

Keeping our customers at the core of our business has helped us significantly over the years and that’s what we intend to hold on to in the coming years as well.


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