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Expert Tips for Transporting Cardboard Tubes Across the UK

Q&A with Rich, Logistics Manager at Just Paper Tubes Ltd

Well-packaged cardboard tubes ready for safe transit

Interviewer: Hello there, readers! Welcome to this fantastic Q&A with Rich, our experienced Logistics Manager. He's got some great tips to share about transporting cardboard tubes across the UK. Let's jump right in!

Q1: Rich, what are the main challenges you face when transporting these cardboard tubes?

Rich: Hello! One big challenge is ensuring all tubes travel safely during transit. To achieve this, we make sure all tubes are palletised or boxed correctly. Also, handling different demands and delivery spots can be a bit of a juggling act.

Q2: How do you handle these challenges and keep logistics running smoothly?

Rich: Proper packaging is essential. We use sturdy custom boxes, stretch wrap, and edge board protection for extra safety during transit. Real-time tracking helps us stay on top of things, and reliable carrier partnerships ensure smooth operations. Additionally, to help with future orders and deliveries, we back load as much as possible, bringing back raw materials, pallets, and stillages, optimising our resources and reducing our environmental impact.

Q3: How do you ensure your deliveries are on time?

Rich: Planning smart routes and real-time tracking help us stay punctual. Open communication with customers and carriers keeps everyone informed.

Q4: How do you make sure your transportation practices are eco-friendly?

Rich: In addition to consolidating shipments and using eco-friendly carriers, we promote recyclable packaging materials, and as mentioned before, we back load to make the most of our resources and reduce waste.

Q5: Any advice for other logistics managers looking to improve their operations?

Rich: Invest in technology, automation, and strong partnerships with carriers and suppliers. Always remember that from time to time, things can go wrong, but the key is how you react and communicate the delays.

Q6: How do you stay updated with the latest trends in logistics?

Rich: Attending workshops, webinars, and staying active in logistics communities keeps me informed.

Interviewer: Great insights, Rich! Thanks for sharing your expertise on managing cardboard tube transport in the UK. I'm sure our logistics buddies will find it super helpful! Happy shipping, everyone!

Rich: My pleasure! If you need more help or have questions, take care!


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