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Enhancing Customer Experience With Personalized Services

Just Paper Tubes is a people focused organisation. People are at the core (pun intended) of everything we do, whether it’s the customers we serve, the employees who collaborate and work together to solve challenges, or the local community of Selby that we’re an integral part of.

This belief has been the driving force for us for more than 30 years, allowing us to become a leading manufacturer of the best quality paper & cardboard tubes and cores. We’ve always prioritised the ‘human’ factor above anything else.

When we talk to customers, we focus our energies to understand their pain points and the problem they are trying to solve. This enables us to empathise with our customers, understand and fulfill their requirements to the best of our ability in an effective manner. Our aim to make our product and service fit around your requirements, hence why we don’t follow industry standards such as minimum order quantities (MOQ).

Implementing ‘Live Chat’ to enable quicker personalized experience

With the ‘human’ factor in mind, we implemented a Live Chat functionality on our website and across all our brand communication platforms. Within weeks of implementing it, we realised that the website ‘live chat’ function became a significant customer engagement platform. It became very easy for customers to ask queries and get answers in a convenient and quick manner, resulting in higher and quicker conversions.

Quicker Response Time

The sooner we understand our client’s requirements, the sooner we can create the customized industrial paper cores and cardboard tubes.

In the paper tube industry, clients often have high volume requirements that must meet various size and dimension specifications. Furthermore, the products must be manufactured to the exact specifications and delivered in a very short period.

Today, ‘live chat’ allows us to respond to questions instantly, gathering critical information required to assess the requirements. We understand that customers look for quick information when they are browsing online for solutions. Our ability to respond quickly reflects our quick turnaround & response time. This of course must be followed the same level of response time in the actual delivery of products that match the exact requirements of the clients.

Why don’t we use Chat Bots?

Yes, we did consider implementing chat bots which could provide quick responses on basis of the keywords being input by the user. This would have enabled us to respond to a customer even when an actual service person is unavailable.

However, for a customer looking for a custom solution (requiring a human intervention), a chat bot may in fact be a huge negative. An AI solution redirecting such a customer to an FAQ page would be a bad experience; a loss of not just revenue, but a loss of a potentially beneficial long term relationship, which is key for sustained growth.

On Live Chat, we communicate not just to respond, but to understand!

Continuing Live Chat on Social Media

Live Chat has been a great addition to JPT but we haven’t forgotten our existing social media platforms for not just clients, but for other stakeholders in our ecosystem.

We now use LinkedIn to share insights and expand our knowledge base with other businesses.

Facebook helps us stay connected to our employees, allowing us to have a more personalized and organic relationship with them.

We regularly join the conversation and interact with various media organizations and the “who’s who” of the industry through Twitter.

We’ve even had the opportunity to become one of the Whatsapp BETA testers for ‘Whatsapp for Business’. So if customers or employees want to contact our General Manager directly with their questions, they can message via Whatsapp to +44 1757 630226. It’s that simple!

The understanding of the client’s needs is crucial to deliver the perfect product to the client. We don’t trust any marketing agency to do our job for us. After all, we know our business and customers better than anyone. Thus, all our communication across platforms is handled by Just Paper Tubes employees who work relentlessly to provide a personalized assistance to customers, maintain transparency of information flow and be there for them when they need us the most!

Feel free to drop us a message on our website for any requirement, or through any of our social media pages mentioned above. We’d love to chat with you!


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