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New on-site rules for Visitors

Employee COVID tubes Update

As of the 11th of August 2020, Just Paper tubes, the UK's leading cardboard tubes, paper cores and carpet poles manufacturer has implemented the following new rules:

  • Short term visitors (inc. Contractors, Engineers, Customers, Suppliers, Prospective job applicants) must wear a non FFP2 face mask when inside a JPT premises. These masks can be provided by Just Paper Tubes.

    • Those who are exempt from wearing masks do not need to wear masks, just inform one of the JPT team.

    • When working in close proximity with JPT staff in our world leading cardboard tubes site, visitors can request our staff to also wear masks, and unless exempt they will comply.

To communicate the policy clearly we've adopted the below graphic.

cardboard tubes wear a mask
Wear your Mask!


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