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Core Values at JPT

We are ‘Just Paper Tubes’, your friendly neighborhood supplier of cardboard tubes and paper cores.

But we aren’t ‘just’ that.

We are much more – designers, innovators and environmentalists.

That’s the reason why our products cater to clients from across many industries.

And at the core of all our products– cardboard tubes, industrial paper cores,label cores and tape cores, and everything we do, are our customers.

We started out 30 years ago with the aim of fulfilling a need for our customers. The need of the hour was – low cost and economical cores for various products, both commercial and industrial. We understood the requirements of our clients and constantly worked hard to improve upon that through research on new and efficient ways of manufacturing and development of eco-friendly products.

By the time the age of awareness came about, and the plastic crusades began, we were already selling 100% recycled cardboard and paper for our tubes and cores. Thus, while the environmental compliances came down hard on many industries, clients who were using our 100% recycled cardboard cores came out ahead of the curve.

Our initial successes among our customers encouraged us to focus on their requirements and plan for their future needs as their businesses expanded and grew. We had to be prepared to join them in their growth journey.

We thus identified and established our core values, drawn directly from our customer focus.

1. The customer matters most

Customers are the focus of everything we do. Our dedicated and friendly customer service team is always available to provide assistance and expert advice about our cardboard cores and tubes. We understand that businesses are most dependent on speed and agility. Hence, all our processes and volumes are aligned to have a quick turnaround time and deliveries as and when required by our customers.

2. Quality and reliability

Our customers choose us over other suppliers owing to the quality that supersedes other products in the market. It’s our long standing commitment to quality that enables us to deliver products to exact specifications as required by customers.

We’ve garnered a reputation of reliability owing to our ability to cater huge volumes and quantities for clients at short notice.

3. The competitive edge

The desire to be the best at what we do drives us.

Despite the best of quality and reliability, price plays an important role in a customer’s decision and choices. With our efficient processes and procedures, we have benefited from economies of scale, thus enabling us to price even our premium products competitively.

Thus, not only are we able to deliver quality and quantity as and when required, but at a price that’s undeniably competitive and appealing to our customers.

Based on these core values, we’ve carved a niche for ourselves in this ever growing competitive industry. We are proud of these core values and believe that our customer focus will help us grow beyond our current targets and beyond.


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