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Construction has started

We've started to construct our new raw materials warehouse over the past few weeks. This is to enable us to continue to deliver the highest level of service to our customers whatever is thrown at us, be it a pandemic or an EU/UK fall out!

Our continued investment is just one of the reasons you should pick Just Paper Tubes (JPT) as your supplier of choice. Whether its for Industrial Cores in the film and flexible packaging industry, or carpet cores for the the flooring industry. JPT has the reputation to be the most reliable supplier in the industry.

We'll keep you updated with our construction progress! Enjoy the video.

Stock levels are important to maintain, without raw materials to produce or manufacture your product your business would not be able to operate. Here at Just Paper Tubes we keep large raw material stocks to maintain our operation for the long term. This in turn gives our customers the confidence that there will be no disruption in supply.

We are aware that some project’s maybe a one off and that is why we have no minimum order quantity (MOQ) and hold large parent stocks to cut from. We are able to produce tape cores and label cores by next day delivery or sameday collection. Due to us running on a 24 hours basis 5 days a week we are also able to manufacture carpet cores and transit tubes with this same speedy lead-time.

Storage and packaging are important, we offer postal tubes and mailing tubes with caps fitted or stapled packed as per your requirement, this can be on pallets, boxed or with set height requirements to fit with your racking system.

Please feel free to use any of our online forms of contact to get in touch. You can contact us through Whatsapp, Live chat, email or even call us and one of our team will be happy to help.


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