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Choose JPT - A Leading carpet and vinyl floor covering manufacturers, cardboard tube supplier.

At Just Paper Tubes, we have reached a point when our name is well known and respected in the UK’s paper and cardboard tube industry. Luckily, we need no introduction today and all credits go to our customers, suppliers, and members of staff who have worked hard, enabling us to reach this place.

Today, we have become one of the leading carpets and vinyl floor covering manufacturers, cardboard tube company in the UK that has created a benchmark in accomplishing the needs of many suppliers and customers.

However, with the shortage of paper, many of our long running competitors in the carpet tube industry have been increasing the prices significantly or failing to supply. To put this into context, they are just using the limited supply of coreboard for profitable work and this has led to the shortage of carpet tubes in the market.

When it comes to Just Paper Tubes, our main aim is to supply quality materials to our customers and suppliers. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us for your next paper tubes and core supplies.

Variety of Paper Tubes and Cores available

At Just Paper Tubes, we offer a wide assortment of paper tubes and cores. We keep quality always as our priority along with top-notch customer services that mean a big difference in these difficult times, we always deliver when we say and never let you down.

All the products are made of high-quality raw materials, plus accessible in a range of lengths and thickness. Our products are crafted from recycled boards especially pulped boards which are not only strong but also are made from 100% recycled paper.

Easy to Transport

If you own a flooring business, our cardboard tube and paper tubes can be a boon. As carpets and flooring vary in thickness and sizes, so our carpet tubes help you to roll faster, result in creaseless product and easy to transport. Our cylinder-shaped cardboard tubes can easily transport your floorings from warehouse to store and store at home.

A range of Dimensions

From carpet tubes or vinyl cores, we can provide a wide range of dimension, lengths starting from 500 mm to 6,000 mm. You can pick in bulk and mix and match according to the demand of your business. Our next day delivery service will always keep your machines running.

Competitive Pricing

All our products are available in competitively pricing without compromising on the quality standards. Unlike some of our competitors we quote a price that we can actually deliver, week in week out. We have been supplying our cardboard tubes and cores in the carpet industry for a long span of time and have a list of contented customers who are happy with our products, quality and competitive pricing.

There are many good reasons to choose us other than above. So, if you need a new supplier of carpet tubes please get in touch with us.

In our ongoing journey, we would like to thank our carpet and vinyl customers who have been longstanding customers or moved to JPT as their supplier recently.

We must be doing something right in the carpet market: we have seen that the carpet tube market within Just Paper Tubes grows by 64% in August 2018 than our monthly average for 2017/18.


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