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Carpet Tubes - Why do we never think about them?

It is often something that may never cross your mind when browsing or purchasing a new carpet for your home. You view them rolled up in the store and do you think what keeps them in their lovely round state.

Carpet tubes & Carpet Cores are a huge part of the manufacturing process, rolling the carpet on to tubes keeps the carpets shape, to stop creasing and allow ease of transit. Depending on the type of Rug/Carpet the tubes can be 1m,2m,3m,4m or even 5 metres in length.

Up until about 1954, cotton was virtually the only fibre used in carpet products. Wool and manmade fibres like polyester, nylon, rayon, and acrylics were gradually introduced. Nylon was first introduced in 1947 and grew steadily to dominate the market

Carpet tubes are also key in the current pace of carpet manufacture, allow machines to run faster and keep prices effective within the market.

This process soon adapted to cover the fashion and industry of the Artificial grass market, once again using carpet cores

carpet tubes rolled on carpet
Our Carpet Tubes are the Core to a carpet arrived at the customers' house in perfect condition.

to apply and transport the material. With this increase in the carpet & artificial grass production the tube itself can be produced in a vary of wall thicknesses to cover the needs of manufacture.

So next time you visit a carpet shop or relax on an artificial lawn, just remember the product may have started life on one of our many Carpet tubes!


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