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Explainer: Carpet Tubes & Carpet Cores

What are Carpet Tubes

Carpet cores are cylindrical poles made of cardboard which carpets get rolled onto. These cores help keep the carpet intact and often come in various shapes and sizes. They are made from recycled responsibly sourced cardboard and are required to maintain the shape of the carpet.

Carpet cores and Carpet Tubes
Carpet Tubes - Ready to ship

What are Carpet Tubes used for?

Although carpet cores are mainly used for carpets, they can also be used for underlays, artificial glass, flooring trims and vinyl flooring. The industry knows, a coreless carpet doesn't work, at first they might give away the appearance of being supported, but after transit damage has already occurred. Carpet tubes are mostly useful for transporting items, either from the warehouse to the store or from the store to the customers’ home.

What is driving a high demand for carpets in the UK?

Carpets seem to have become increasingly popular in the UK. The 3 main driving factors for this rise in demand are:

1. Home renovation expenses during lockdown: The COVID-19 lockdown has inspired UK homeowners to start redesigning their homes. With travel restrictions in place, British homeowners have spent the money they would have put on a holiday into new carpets, amongst other things. Working from home guidelines have meant everyone is spending a lot more time looking at whats surrounding them.

2. Temporary relaxation of the SDLT: The new government stimulus on Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) has largely benefitted both the housing market and the economy as a whole. This ‘stamp duty holiday’ for house buyers and housebuilders has left new and second homeowners with more money to carry out refurbishments. This money would otherwise have to be spent on stamp duty.

3. The UK’s need for more housing: House building target in the UK has more than doubled from 2012-2013. The UK population has risen by approximately 395,321 between 2018 and 2019, with housebuilders successfully building new homes for an additional 88,000 people. A growing singleton population along with a lack of affordability has pushed many youngsters to live with their parents. This is yet another reason for the increased need for housing in the UK.

Why choose JPT as your carpet tube supplier over other brands?

carpet tubes
JPT Carpet Cores

JPT has continued to supply customers throughout the pandemic, on time and in full. We were the first carpet tubes company to publish their COVID risk assessment and during lockdown we provided our customers with daily operational updates. A few of JPT’s competitors suspended or reduced operations during lock-down. In the past few months we've been hearing about long lead times, or worse promises not kept.

The quality of carpet tubes are important for maintaining your carpet in the best condition. A poor-quality carpet tubes means that your carpets may be damaged before it gets to the end user, this means increased complaints and refunds. The carpet tubes and vinyl cores manufactured by JPT vary in length and thickness, and are tailored specifically to meet the customers' needs. Our carpet cores are made specifically for you, so they'll always be strong enough for your needs, but still cost effective. We won't sell you something more expensive that you won't need. JPT also offers you a wide range of colours to choose from and provides you with an option to have your company name and logo printed either on or inside the core.

We at JPT guarantee the high quality of all products to avoid damage during transportation.

Moreover, our products are 100% recyclable, made from 100% recycled paper, and produced using zero carbon emission electricity. For over three decades, our carpet cores and vinyl cores have been used by some of the biggest carpet manufacturers and retailers in the industry.

If you've been let down by your existing supplier, get in touch and we'll look to get you a pallet, or a full load of carpet tubes to you tomorrow.


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