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Working within the JPT sales team how it differs from other companies.

We decided to ask our Sales Manager Jamie Semmens what is different about working for the Just Paper Tubes sales team compared to other companies.

Postal tubes

How would you say working in the JPT sales team is different to other companies?

“I would have to say it would be the range of tasks you can involve yourself in and the way you are able to be a part of every process of JPT. Every member of the team contributes to the daily running of the operation. It is this level of knowledge, ability and experience everyone has that gives us the ability to provide our customers with the information they need and gives us the edge. Unlike in many organisations all of our sales staff have production experience and knowledge, so they know the product most suited to you. It’s the finer details such as, what is the best way for it to be packed for safe transportation”.

Can you explain the range of tasks which you contribute too?

“It is not just about being a part of the sales team but being able to part take in our website and social media posts for the company and working closely with both the transport and the production team. Every member of the sales team can plan the transport and is fully aware of the daily routing of our vehicles. This gives us the upper hand when our customers need to check delivery dates and times. The customer is not left waiting for an answer and we can provide this information within seconds, not leaving our customers waiting for a response. The team are also great at providing great content and ideas for our website. This is also the case when it comes to the production and we are all aware of the daily production runs and time scales of the production process, this gives us the ability to provide our customers with real world lead-times and delivery dates”.

What would you say your advance is over other companies?

“I would say that is a number of things that make us different to the competition and other companies. I believe that the combination of both an open office and length of time we have working together helps a huge amount with communication. The open office allows us all to be part of every phone call, quote and customer order. Every member of the sales team has been within the JPT family for over 20 years each and this gives us the ability to work closely together and understand our customer needs”.

Industrial tubes, Label cores
Jamie in our finished product warehouse.

If you had to pick just one area that you feel makes a difference what would it be?

“I would have to say our online presence is something I would be most proud of and the online chat for me is where I feel we are a cut above the rest. It is the ability to give our customers the answers they are looking for straight away and there is the added bonus of talking to new people and customers on a daily basis. It feels very rewarding to assist people in this way and that you are able to provide these answers within a very quick time frame which I enjoy the most”.

What would you say is your main motivation?

“Not having set sales target or salary and bonus linked to clinching a deal. This means I can spend the time to get to know the customers business and find the right product from them, rather than looking to make a quick sale. It allows me to build on strong client relationship. Really my job is a relationship manager rather than sales, but a good relationship means good sales”.


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