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Product Factsheet: Roofing Cores

On the 16th of July 2020 JPT wrote about how we welcomed the government stimulus in the form of a reduction on Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT).

This is expected to boost housebuilding, and refurbishment, did you know that when someone purchases a new house, they spend on average 5% of the value of the house on refurbishments!

One of JPT's key product cardboard tubes lines is Industrial cores, especially for use in the roofing industry.

Our Industrial cores are extremely light weight cardboard tubes, yet they keep their strength due to our highly-advanced cure drying core facility which can dry millions of cardboard tubes a year.

Paper cores are ideal for roofing fabrics to be rolled onto, they are strong, reduce the chances of creasing, and ensure your product arrives to your customer in perfect condition. These cardboard cores are also far more cost effective than their plastic counterparts, not to mention less harmful for the environment.

cardboard tubes for roofing fabrics
JPT Roofing cores

JPT's Industrial cores are perfect for the following products:

Damp Proof Membrane: Damp-proof membrane is used to protect structures from moisture by creating a damp resistant barrier. These membranes are used to protect concrete slabs within building from moisture which can rise from the foundations. This membrane has many uses and can also be used to create a damp free protective covering before laying wood, laminate or vinyl floorings.

Tanking Membranes: These membranes waterproof the outside and inside of damp buildings, they are sometimes can be called waterproofing cavity membrane. Often made out of polypropylene with suds, they provide an impermeable barrier against dampness or water, and can help in drainage or dreaded damp penetrating walls. The studs on some of the membranes make it very easy and quick way to waterproof walls.

Roofing Underlays: Multi-ply, non woven underlays are replacing bitumen in many building sites as they react less to temperature changes, along with having a semi-absorbent underpadding which prevents condensation drips.

Roofing Felt: Predominately using on outbuildings, perfect for that COVID-19 home office you've been planning! These felts provide a waterproof covering to the buildings apex, or even a flat roof. They can be used on a new build or to re-cover an existing roof.

The JPT difference

At Just Paper Tubes (JPT), we get to know our customers, and their business. This is so we can ensure that our tubes are suitable for the job required.

We produce daily industrial cores with inner diameters of 51.1, 63.5, 70 and 76.6 mm. These are the most common cardboard tubes size for our roofing cores customers, standard can vary from 1000 to 1600mm, but we can produce up to 6 metres long if required.

If you are a manufacturer of any of the above membranes, felts or underlays get in touch, we are sure we have a cost-saving solution for your cardboard tubes needs.


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