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JPT: A Cardboard tubes manufacturer built on strong foundations

This week our building contractors have been extremely busy digging out the foundations & many many tonnes of concrete has been poured into each one!

To put this into perspective... Each foundation is 5 metres apart from the next one. That would helpfully give you an idea of the of the scale of the raw materials warehouse we are constructing.

Huge expansion at cardboard tubes factory
Strong Foundations @ JPT

Why are we doing this? Simply put; The past 2 years has been challenging. Unlike many tube manufacturers, we stayed open during the COVID-19 pandemic, supplying vital industries such as food packaging production and pharmaceutical industries. Repeated lockdowns, Brexit and extended lead-times for raw materials have meant that our "Just in Time" model for supplies was put under strain. That being said, we never let down any of our customers; whether they wanted carpet cores or postal tubes, and production continued to operate 24 hours a day.

Just Paper Tubes (JPT) decided that significant investment was required to increase our ability to store stocks on site, should we see a worsening of the pandemic, a Brexit related fall out. The impossible became the possible last year and we've always been determined, from our foundations back in 1987 to be the strongest and most agile cardboard tubes and paper cores company in the UK.

The packaging market is in unchartered territory and supply is tight across the UK and Europe. If you've been let down by your existing supplier, get in touch via our website, live chat, or even WhatsApp. We'll stick to our core values of "the customer matters most" , "Quality and reliability" and "having the competitive edge". In-short, understand your needs, rather than tell you what we want to sell you, our lead times are in hours...not days and weeks, and we'll charge you a fair price for the quantity you require.

We need to do a bit more analysis but we may have hit an all time record this week as we plan to produce over 1.7 million cores... of all different types: Label cores, tape cores, industrial cores & carpet cores.


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