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Delve into the Diverse Universe of Cardboard Tubes with Just Paper Tubes

Cardboard tubes: they're integral parts of our day-to-day life, perhaps without us even noticing. From being at the heart of our essential kitchen roll, to playing a pivotal role in fun DIY projects, or even acting as the safest mailing method for documents and posters – these seemingly simple items play a substantial role across many industries. At Just Paper Tubes (JPT), we are specialists in manufacturing these vital, yet often overlooked, objects.

What Sets Just Paper Tubes Apart?

At Just Paper Tubes, we pride ourselves on crafting cardboard tubes or cores of unrivalled quality and accuracy. From our UK-based factories, we provide a varied range of cardboard tubes to satisfy multiple sectors. Whether it's paper mills, film, tape, or the label industry, our cardboard tubes are custom-made to meet the unique demands of each field.

Our excellence stems from the harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. Combining advanced machinery with decades of experience, we promise our clients unparalleled quality and rapid delivery times. Our product line extends from robust industrial cardboard tubes to lightweight yet strong paper cores for retail items.

A Promise of Sustainability

A distinct feature that positions Just Paper Tubes as a leading cardboard tubes provider is our steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability. Recognising the need for ecological harmony, we are devoted to crafting products that contribute towards a sustainable future. Every one of our cardboard tubes is fashioned from 100% recyclable materials, in line with our commitment to minimise our environmental footprint.

Bespoke Cardboard Tubes for Every Requirement

We appreciate that every client has distinct needs. Consequently, we offer an array of sizes, lengths, and diameters of cardboard tubes. Regardless of whether you require small cores for retail items or large cardboard tubes for industrial usage, we have the capacity to tailor our products to meet your specifications. Our team stands ready to assist you in identifying the optimal type and size of cardboard tube for your specific needs.

cardboard tube reel

Exemplary Customer Service

We deeply value our client relationships and strive to ensure your absolute satisfaction. Our dedicated customer service team is consistently available to answer your queries, help you choose the appropriate cardboard tube, and guarantee timely delivery. We believe in nurturing strong relationships with our clients by delivering superior products and outstanding service.

Your Ultimate Source for Cardboard Tubes

At Just Paper Tubes, we're not simply a manufacturer – we are a partner, primed to efficiently and effectively meet your cardboard tube needs. Whether you're in search of durable cardboard tubes for industrial purposes or for your next creative endeavour, we've got you covered.

When it comes to cardboard tubes, Just Paper Tubes is the name you can rely on. Experience the power and potential of these indispensable products with us.


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