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Cardboard tubes for crafting!


No matter how small or creative you may think your paper tube enquiry is, Just Paper Tubes (JPT) are here to help. When we were contacted by a client to produce an Industrial core for a glass rod holder and could not wait to try and help.

Our customer had travelled to America and had seen how other glass crafters had a plastic holder at each of their work stations for their glass rods, it got them thinking why these were not readily available within the UK and why these holders were not manufactured from recycled or recyclable cardboard tubes. When we were contacted, we could not wait to assist with this exciting project.

Once we gave the customer the option from our wide range of postal tube, industrial core and cardboard tube range. We then started to explore which inner diameter, wall thickness and length would work best for their requirements. Once we had helped them decide upon a size which was going to work, we set about putting the project in to motion.

Just like any interesting project we take part in we were keen to produce and deliver the cardboard cores within a few days and keen to hear how this project went when completed. Not only was the customer thankfully for our efforts and quick lead-time, but was also taken back by the level of commitment we give for what the customer believed to be sure a small order.

Glass rod holder

The project was a great success and we received not only great feedback for our assistance, but a picture of the completed project which we had helped to produce.

It is safe to say that no matter how large or small your enquiry maybe we will be here to guide you through your requirement. So if you have a project and require any amount of mailing tubes, textile cores or even transit packaging tubes. We have no minimum order quantity (MOQ), so please get in touch and we will be happy to help.


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