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At JPT we treat all our customers the same.

Updated: Jul 23, 2019


We know only too well, the importance of treating all customers equally, whether it's the global eco-friendly paint and wallpaper company, Farrow & Ball, or family and artist friendly prints from local artist, Dan Bugg, at Penfold Press.


Our three core values are always the same for all of our customers

1. You, the customer matters most – you are the focus of everything we do. Our dedicated, friendly customer service team is on hand to provide you with exactly what you want, when you want it.

2. Quality and reliability – we believe in delivering the highest quality products, swiftly and efficiently, to meet our customers’ demands and support their business needs.

3. The competitive edge – the desire to be the best at what we do drives us. With our processes, procedures and pricing we can offer our customers premium PRODUCTS at competitive rates.


Farrow & Ball were founded in 1946 by Dorset men, John Farrow and Richard Ball, and in 2010 the company made the decision to move their entire range to eco-friendly water based finishes.

In 2017 they produced an eco friendly 'pop up' showroom in Paris, as part of the Paris Deco off. We were delighted to assist and our recyclable cardboard tubes were painted, surrounded by wallpaper, and then used to provided a stunning showroom.


Dan Bugg, at Penfold Press, studied printmaking at the Royal College of Art, and launched his company over a decade ago. His prints are delivered worldwide and he relies on our cardboard tubes being fit for purpose, to ensure his fantastic prints arrive in the same condition they leave his studio.


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