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The grass is always greener? With artificial grass it is!

Artificial Grass has become a lockdown must have during the COVID19 outbreak. Our yearly retreats to Spain, Portugal or Turkey got put on hold or cancelled and it seems like most of the UK is re-furbishing their homes and gardens. Climate change has meant hotter summers in the UK, and I for one hate it when my grass burns away due to the ever hotter summers. Artificial grass has many benefits other than not having to cut it. Its almost maintenance free and the UV treated solutions means your garden will continue to look a lush green for years to come.

grass cardboard tubes carpet cores
Artificial Grass rolled onto cardboard tubes

At JPT we've been supporting our existing artificial grass manufacturers and re-sellers to grow by continuing to supply high volumes at competitive prices. The perfect cardboard tubes for the grass industry is most similar to carpet tubes. We produce these high strength cores in whichever size our customers require. The most common artificial grass cores are 2M or 4M long.

Why do you need cardboard tubes when producing or cutting artificial grass?

Its a similar story to carpet tubes, the cardboard tubes used in artificial grass production or reselling gives the product strength during transit. Without the core, a coreless artificial grass cardboard tube would arrive to your customers or fitters mis-shaped, potentially with folds that cannot be removed. This in turn will make it harder for your fitter to install, or for the DIY'ers nearly impossible to install

Simply put, the cardboard tube provides: Structural integrity during transit, allows for tight, crease free winding of the grass, and easy handling whether it be by hand or forklift.

At Just Paper Tubes (JPT) in September 2020 alone we made over 53 thousand carpet and artificial grass tubes.

Carpet Tubes for artificial grass
Artificial Grass Tubes

If you'd like a quick quote, whether its for one pallet, or a full truck load, get in touch with us today - on live chat, telephone, email, or even whatsapp.


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