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5 ways how I use Cardboard Tubes at home

Okay, let’s start with a riddle. It is important but often ignored. It is light-weight but can carry weight. It helps store things and if it is unavailable, things will lose their shape. Trust me life would be the mess without them.

Any guesses about which product I am talking about?

Umm… no? Well, surprise surprise we are talking about cardboard tubes. Imagine toilet paper, big carpets or even foil paper without rolled onto the tubes. Mess! Isn’t it? Undoubtedly, these are important and the most ignored product. It is not only used in big industries but in our homes as well. So, in this post, I am going to talk about the 5 things I personally use cardboard tubes for in my home.

So let’s check out…

1. Toilet Paper

When talking about cardboard tubes, the first thing comes to my mind is the toilet paper roll. When anyone at JPT talks about the cardboard tube company we work for everyone immediately says “toilet paper tubes”. I believe this is the most common thing found in many homes and offices. The toilet paper is wrapped over the robust cardboard tubes precisely and when you pull, it slides with a flow. Of all the necessities in my home, I believe two things just disappear so quick- My food and the toilet paper. Moreover, when my toilet paper gets finished, I’m left with the cardboard core which is always pop into my paper recycling and try and get the right colour bin out on the right day in the right week!

2. Foil Paper Rolls

Another place where I meet cardboard tube is in my kitchen. When I just take out the last piece of foil to pack my lunch, and there is the cardboard tube, facing me! I am sure this is a frustration in many households when I realise I didn’t buy another roll in Aldi. The cardboard tube used to roll foil is thin and cylindrical yet robust. It keeps the flow of foil smooth and also prevents any sort of creases. After your foil is finished, you can recycle it or if you have young kids they are always going to become useful in a project of some kind.

3. Document and Poster protector

Well, yes, I use cardboard tubes as a poster and document protector. I think, securing paper material in a cardboard tube is the best way to keep it in its shape and secure as well. Not to forget, this is also good during moving. I just have peace of mind that my important documents and posters are safe inside the cardboard tubes. Whether its birth certificates to degree certificates its best to keep them in a cardboard tube away from air and sunlight.

4. Packing material for glassware

I have a huge collection of glassware and I always strive to keep them in good condition and here cardboard tubes are the rescuer. It allows me to fit and place drinking glasses in the rows.

It secures them and I can easily keep them without the worry of breaking up or any other damage. I highly recommend it to everyone who is looking for the best measure to protect their glassware collection. There is nothing more frustrating than breaking that fine glassware when you are unpacking from the dishwasher to the cupboard.

5. Quick Travel storage

Believe it or not, but cardboard tubes are the quick travel storage. You can use these rolls to wrangle underwear, store pantyhose or dress socks. This is the easiest trick that also helps in saving cash. Its also a really good way to stop a pair of trousers from creasing! If you wind the trousers over the cardboard tube then there isn’t a fold crease! Another top tip is to then put your socks and undies inside the middle of the tube – it saves space and keeps everything tidy.

Manufacturers like Just Paper Tubes are trying their best to deliver high-quality tubes and cores to various industries. Whether you are looking for label cores, flexible film cores, industrial cores or carpet and textile cores, JPT is a leader and got you covered.


To wrap up this post, I believe, cardboard tubes play an important role in our lives, yet we often ignore them, or don’t notice them. From wrangling underwear to securing documents, these can be used to carry out various tasks.

We are all trying to think in a more sustainable way and I think cardboard tubes can be used in many other ways. I always avoid throwing them because there is always another use for them.

So, whenever I get time, I never miss a chance to go to YouTube and see how to use them in some creative way. Alternatively, if they are getting in the way, pop them into your blue paper bin and they’ll make their way to JPT through our supply chain and be made into another tube !


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